Introduction: DIY Polishing/Sanding Table (in a Hurry)

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I work alone a lot & sometimes two hands just aren't enough so I had to find a way to polish parts that were way to small for me to use my portable variable speed polisher on & this is what I came up with..

Step 1: What You'll Need

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1. Table
2. Polisher (I used my 6" variable speed polisher from Harbor Frieght)
3. Strap
5. 6 Outlet power strip with on/off switch
6. Roll of electrical tape

Step 2: Setting Up the Contraption

Picture of Setting Up the Contraption

First, Tape the trigger down on the polisher (see pic)

1. Set up table

2. lay the polisher face up on the table & strap it securely to the table

3. Plugin power strip & make sure button is in the off position

4. Plug polisher into power strip & turn on power strip to supply power to polisher

5. Polish or sand & have fun doing it


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