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Hello Everyone :)

Here i am sharing an easy DIY crafts for christmas decoration.In This video i am showing you how to make pompom snowman. You can also making of pompom .

Step 1:

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Take 2 yarn.

Hold the end of yarn on palm using your thumb. With the
other hand start wrapping the yarn around your three fingers 150-200 times.

Step 2:

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Slip the yarn off your fingers carefully.Take a separate piece of yarn and tie a tight knot

around the bundle.

Step 3:

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Now cut all the loops in the middle.Finish the Pompom by trimming all the yarn to the

same length.Rub it between your hands to make it fluffy.

That's it :)

Step 4:

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You need 2 different size pompom,one using 3 fingers and another using 4 fingers.Tie Both the pompom tightly and also glue it.

Step 5:

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Step 6: Pompom Snowman.

Here is the video of this craft.learn step by step procedure of making Pompom snowman.


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