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DIY Clothes: DIY PONCHO SWEATER w/ African Print Fleece Fabric


Hi DIY Divas
I wanted to create an easy sewing tutorial for the Fall season. When it gets colder I love working with thicker fabrics such as fleece fabric and I'm 'sew' excited I get to use my own fabric for this DIY Poncho Sweater tutorial!

The fleece fabric from Digital Fabrics is thinner compared to the regular one but that makes it nicer to work with as it will drape and fall better because of this.

Enjoy this DIY Tutorial & Thanks for watching!

What sewing machine do you recommend for beginners?
- I use Brother DS140 http://bit.ly/1WoaqVq
- Wishlist: Brother CS6000i http://bit.ly/1WoaqVq

What you'll need:
- 2 yards/meters of fleece fabric (mine is from https://www.paixaofortes.com)
- pins
- fabric scissors
- thread
- sewing machine (I use Brother DS140)

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Thanks for watching!

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