In this instructable I show you another way to use jars and air dry paper clay. I made a cute little pony as a piggy bank. I used tin foil, air dry paper play and hot glue.

Step 1: Making the Body

The shape of the Nutella jar was perfect for this project. I made the legs using tin foil and hot glue. Then I covered the whole thing with air dry paper clay. I previously wet the clay and left it overnight so it's softer and easier to work with. I also wet the tools and hands so the clay doesn't stick to them.

Step 2: Making the Head

I first used a toilet paper tube for making the money hole. I glued it with hot glue to the jar's lid. Then I added tin foil all around the tube making the head's basic shape. When I was satisfied with the shape I glued the tin foil to itself and to the lid. I covered the tin foil with paper clay.

Step 3: Making the Details

When my basic shapes were dry I made the ears, the hair and the tail using tin foil. I glued them to the basic shapes using hot glue. Again I covered everything with paper clay. I also cut the jar's lid so the money can get to the jar :)

Step 4: Painting the Pony

I painted the pony using acrylic paint. I made a pattern for the eyes so they both look alike. That's it! Have fun!

<p>Wow, that really looks professional, and I mean this in the most positive way! Looks so smooth and clean, very nice. </p>
<p>It looks soooo cute and cool!</p><p>I must try and make a pair for my daughters :-)</p>

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