Picture of DIY Pool Cover Remover and Putter Onner, V2.0
Putting on and removing a pool cover is a hassle for two people, worse for one.  Commercial cover gadgets are expensive and not all of them fit the specific type of pool you may have.  Here is one way to make your own.  Not perfect, but it works.

The movie here just shows the cover in action.

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Step 1: Architecture

Picture of Architecture
This contraption consists of TWO basic pieces:

1)  The roller.

2)  The holders or stands.

Normally, the stands will go at the far side (or "back") of the pool.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Main Materials
(2) 10-foot drain pipes (approx $8 each)
(1)  8 foot 2x10 board  (approx $10 each)
(2)  8 foot 4x4 fence posts (approx $10 each)
(1)  4 foot 2x4 board (approx $2 each)

Supporting Materials
(1)  box o' 2.5 inch deck screws
(4)  Long L or 90 degree shelf brackets
(1)  Roll duct tape
(1)  Roll tread tape
(1-4) Glasses Chardonnay (just checking if anyone is reading this)
(optional) 4-8 pieces of 12-16 inch rebar

1/8 inch drill bit
7/8 inch drill bit
Box cutter/sharp knife
Measuring device

Step 3: The Roller

Picture of The Roller
The roller is basically an 18-20 foot pipe that will roll across the top of the pool, so it has to be at least a few inches longer than the width of the pool.  I used two 10-foot drain pipes sold at the local Home Depot.

Note that the pipes here have a built-in "coupler" that allows you to sort of put them together in series.
Toffy1 year ago
I LOVED your video....priceless. Good Idea by the way....