Introduction: DIY Pool Obstacle Course

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Ever wondered what to do in the pool? How about a DIY PVC obstacle course? This Project is easy and cost about $8.00 At the bare minimum and $17.00 at the max! It's very simple to create and use too! Ok lets get started!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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  1. 10' 1/2 flexible pvc tubing
  2. 1/2 tee for your tubing
  3. 1/2 valve
  4. pool noodle
  5. [optional] sand, expanding putty, and waterproof duck tape


  1. Drill with small bit
  2. pvc saw
  3. scissors

Step 2: Cutting

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Cut the pvc at 8' 4" and another 3" long. Simple!!

(cut the pvc to where you want make sure you can swim through it!)

Step 3: Assembly

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  1. glue the tee in
  2. then glue the 3" pipe to the tee
  3. finally glue the valve in
  4. Simple enough?

[optional steps]

[step 4.A]

Cut a 4" noddle

Slice a slit in it so you can put it on the tube then also put a hole in the middle for the valve

[step 4.B]

take the left over tubing and put expanding putty in one end

fill it with sand

then put expanding putty on the other end

tape to the bottom of the ring with duck tape

Step 4: Enjoy and Vote

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also please vote for me in the pvc contest


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