DIY Pool Vacuum


Introduction: DIY Pool Vacuum

I had a pole from a broken skimmer. Used a small pump from a smaller pool. Add pool hose to the end of the pump that sucks water in. I used tuck tape to tape the hose and the pump to the pole. Make sure there is a filter in the pump. Submerse the pump in the water prime it with the screw on top. Then plug it in. It works great. And you don't run out of power like the rechargeable vacuums.
Happy pool cleaning;)



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    Cool Idea, but electricity and water don't mix well, have you checked the IP rating on the pump?

    Maybe using a submersible sump pump would be a safer bet.


    did not think those pumps were that water proof........ cool idea! been thru a couple vacs trying to find one that catches the small stuff.