Picture of DIY Popsicle Swiss Army Knife
Hey Guys ! I promise I'm gonna do the tutorial tomorow , i'm very busy today :( .
ekl991 year ago

Did you finish yet?

ssonier1 year ago
Wheres the instructable?
Halphinian2 years ago
well, hurry up! I want to see those!
DIYTutorialsForYou (author) 2 years ago
I swear i am trying to post the instructable but it's not working , after a few hours it disappears ,it's not in my list of instructables anymore,i don't know why... ( btw i'm using instructables on IOS )
I'm also trying to post an instructable for a mini crossbow but it does the same thing. I'm really sorry
TheRocker712 years ago
March 27 its been 10 days... Wheres the tut?
MeGusta2 years ago
This seems pretty cool, but what's the purpose?