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Hello Guyz! In this instructable, I'm making a simple portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker. We need some professional tools or 3d printer to make an awesome Bluetooth speaker but these tools are so expensive and not everyone able to buy these tools, That's why I'm making this awesome Bluetooth speaker, you don't need any professional tools or 3d printer to build this speaker, just some basic handtools is enough to make this speaker, now anyone can make a simple and awesome portable Bluetooth speaker like this bt speaker. So let's get started :)

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I'm making this Bluetooth speaker using the acrylic sheet, I really love this material cause it easy to cut, bend and shape. it is also so affordable and it can be found at any hardware store. If you are making bt speaker the first time then use this material, you can also go for wood or plywood.

Specs & Features:

  • PAM8403 High-Efficiency Amplifier Module(Class D)
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Dual 3W Full-Range Speaker(4ohms)
  • Long Lasting 2700mAh Li-Po battery
  • USB Charging

Here is the video of full tutorial and sound demonstration :)

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

We need these following parts and tools to make this Bluetooth speaker.

Parts List:

  • PAM8403 Stereo Amplifier module.(
  • 3W Full Range Speaker (2x)
  • Bluetooth Module.
  • 2700mAh Li-Po Battery.
  • DC On/Off Switch.
  • Micro USB Battery Charging Module.
  • 4mm Acrylic Sheet (Black and White).

Tools List:

  • Mini Handsaw.
  • Rotary Tool/Dremel(optional)
  • Soldering iron.
  • Hot Glue Gun.
  • Cutter.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Superglue.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Marker Pen.
  • Metal File.

Step 2: Cutting the Acrylic Sheet

Picture of Cutting the Acrylic Sheet

Here I'm using the acrylic sheet to make the enclosure for my bt speaker.This is a pretty good material, it is to cut, bend and sand, it is also so affordable if you compared it with wood or plywood. But in terms of sound quality wood and plywood can provide better punchier bass and crisp sound than the acrylic sheet. You can use any of these options according to your need.

  1. Take the measurement of the acrylic sheet for the enclosure then mark it with a marker pen.
  2. Use your handsaw or jigsaw to cut the acrylic sheet pieces.

Step 3: Making the Holes for Speaker

Picture of Making the Holes for Speaker

In this step, I'll make holes for the speakers. Follow the steps below to make the perfect holes for speakers.

  1. Take the measurement of the speaker and note it.
  2. Next, use your ruler and compass to draw the holes for speakers.
  3. Drill holes in the circle.
  4. Then put your mini handsaw's blade inside the hole and cut the internal area of the Circle.
  5. Use the metal file to make the cut completely round.

Step 4: Sanding the Pieces

Picture of Sanding the Pieces

First, remove the paper cover from acrylic sheet pieces, then rube the pieces with sandpaper to get a smooth and clean surface.later it'll be very helpful while well attach the pieces by superglue.

Step 5: Mounting the Speakers

Picture of Mounting the Speakers

In this step, I'm going to mount the speakers, so follow the step below

  1. First, apply a thin layer of superglue around the edges of the speaker hole.
  2. Then attach the speaker and hold it still for a couple of minutes.
  3. repeat the same method to attach another speaker.
  4. Finally, add a thin layer of hot glue around the speakers to make them 100% airtight.

Step 6: Attaching the Lower and Side Panel

Picture of Attaching the Lower and Side Panel

Now we'll attach the side panels and the lower panel. Follow the step below

  1. First, apply superglue on the lower panel then attach the side panel.
  2. Again apply some superglue on edges of the front panel then quickly attach it to the lower panel.
  3. Use the same process to attach the another side panel.

Step 7: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Here is the complete circuit diagram. Connect every module according to this circuit diagram.

Step 8: Soldering Wires

Picture of Soldering Wires

Now It's time to solder some wires to all modules. So take your soldering iron and follow the step below.

  1. First solder wires to amplifier module, there is very little difference between the soldering holes in amplifier module, so you have to solder all the wires very carefully. Use a crocodile clip or alternative something to hold the module steady, Then you can do soldering very easily.
  2. Before solder wires with the Bluetooth module remove the aux port and USB port for future use. Then solder wires according to the circuit diagram.
  3. Use the same method to solder wires with battery charging module like above.
  4. Finally, solder audio output wires with both of the speakers.

Step 9: Attaching the Modules

Picture of Attaching the Modules

In this step, we'll attach all the modules using hot glue. At first, apply some hot glue on the back of amplifier board then attach it to the enclosure like the picture shown above. Similarly, attach other modules like Bluetooth module, battery charging module and the battery.

Step 10: Assembling Final Pieces

Picture of Assembling Final Pieces

Now we'll attach the back and the upper panel. Use the previous method to attach the final pieces.

  1. First, apply some superglue on the edges of the lower panel then attach the back panel.
  2. Use hot glue to make the joints airtight.
  3. Again apply some superglue on the edges then attach the upper panel. hold it tightly for a couple of minutes.
  4. After attaching all the pieces, use your sandpaper or sanding block to get a smooth and clean finish like mine.

Step 11: Further Improvements

You can customize your Bluetooth speaker as your choice. you can paint it using spray colour to give an awesome look. I'll add rubber feet to reduce the vibration.

Thanks for watching this project. I hope you'll like this project. If you like this project then Please do VOTE for me, I really need your support guys and I have a youtube channel(DIY Builder) you can find many projects on my channel.


Mithulc1 (author)2017-11-29

How to made it with 7 speakers

VeikoL (author)2017-11-21

Hello, what for is the capacitor on amp board?

VeikoL (author)2017-11-20

What for is that capacitor on amp board?

GodwinR1 (author)2017-11-20

Hi I really like this idea, however I've 2 questions,

1- Does it have to be a PAM8403 Amp Module or will any amp module do the job?

2-Does it have to be a 2700mAh LIFO Battery or will any other battery do the job?

Please if anyone could give me an answer to these questions it would be much appreciated thanks.

nancyjohns (author)2017-10-23

Could you add links to the parts used please?

nancyjohns (author)2017-10-23

Nice build. I'll have to try this one sometime.

JoeyyBoyy (author)2017-10-19

Neat project! How long does the battery last between charges? What is the approx cost of this project? Thanks.

Thanks :) I easily get full 1-day battery backup with the single charge. The approx cost is $7.5 without the battery. Actually, I used an old mobile's battery

Where did you buy or find the

  • Dual 3W Full-Range Speaker(4ohms)


i bought the speakers from a offline store.

UtkarshVerma (author)2017-10-20

I have recently posted and instructable on how to change any bluetooth speaker/headphone's name:

Check it out if you wish to.

your one is awesome bro, great idea :)

Thanks ..... :)

Ocelotsden (author)2017-10-19

Very nice, I like it! The only thing I think I would do different if I build one would be to add a 3.5mm audio jack and a volume knob. That would give it a lot of versatility. I've seen the PAM8403 based board with a built in volume POT.

Thank you so much :)

isacco (author)2017-10-19

Congratulations for your project. This speaker is very clean and seems
easy to made. I am more used to wood or plywood, but I will consider
acrylic for future projects. Did you calculate the size of the
enclosure according to the speaker features?

Surajit Majumdar (author)isacco2017-10-21

Thanks a lot :) yeah wood is the best for the speaker. I just wanted to make it small as possible, So I measured every panel according to its ultra-portable size.

gizmologist (author)2017-10-19

Tip: If you only have a hand saw, and you need to make straight cuts in acrylic, scribing with a knife blade and a metal straightedge (several passes), then snapping over a dowel or table edge is a lot quicker and often gives a smoother edge. Just like cutting glass; there are even special scribers out there for the purpose.

Thank you so much for your suggestion :) keep supporting me thank you

AnandK104 (author)2017-10-19

Really cool looking Bluetooth speaker. Great job!!! An aux input would have been an added benefit. Can you please post the Bluetooth module link, where to buy. The modules I know of are usually for Arduino. This is directly outputing audio

Thank you so much. actually, I wanted to make it so simple that's why I did add the aux.

Aaaecm (author)2017-10-19

This Ible Rocks! Clean, well presented, great explanations for every phase of the project. I had started a bluetooth speaker project and this inspired me to finish. My case turned out a bit different as I used different speakers, but I did use your electronic components. Much better than the ones I was going to use. Thanks for posting. Please post more!

Surajit Majumdar (author)Aaaecm2017-10-21

I'm so glad that you like this Ible. if you are planning to make one then one suggestion for you, don't use the Bluetooth module I used in this Ible. you can use this bt module ( this bt module is really awesome. it has a built-in amplifier so you don't need a separate amp module. I'll soon publish an another Bluetooth module using this module. if you need any help then feelfree you can ask me.

patrick panikulam (author)2017-10-20

Bro , that's neat , great work :)

Thanks patrick :)

kavish laxkar (author)2017-10-20

Good one.:)

Thanks :)

JaWell071 (author)2017-10-18

Really cool! Can you send me a link to the site for the hardware you used? I'd really like to make it, but i think i will go for a bigger model, any tips?

I bought the parts from and I found some from the local store. you can also buy the parts from

If you are planning to make the big one then choose some powerful speakers and use a passive radiator to get punchier bass. You can use wood instead of acrylic sheet for the better result. if you need more help then let me know. Thank you for watching this project. Please do vote for me :)

kavish laxkar (author)2017-10-18

Well Built! Keep Tinkering.:)
Love from Rajasthan

Thank you so much :)

tutdude98 made it! (author)2017-10-18

Nice to see that you made your own enclosure, i made one long time ago using acrylic sheets and carbon wrap, unfortunately didnt have time to write instructable on it :/

wow bro your one is awesome.

tutdude98 made it! (author)tutdude982017-10-18

maybe this one is better

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