Picture of DIY Portable Boombox (from SCRATCH!)
Time to party! Let's rock the house! Today I will show you how to make a boombox that sounds like a genuine audiophile speaker. It's made from 100% scratch. I added an iPod docking feature, it also works with any kind of MP3 player with an auxiliary output, it also has a 2 channel RCA output. I even added an USB/SD card audio player with a remote control for the Boombox!  The Total cost was $46.16 (Converted Price from "Philippine Peso")

I made this guide as specific and as step by step as I can, the only thing that dragged me down from finishing my boombox early, was the documentation for instructables that I did for this project. I hope you enjoy it!

My version was so efficient that it even had the capability to beat or match-up the sound of the Monster™ Beatbox (by Dr. Dre), Zeppeline™ Air, Altec Lancing™ IMT800 and IM7. My boombox has the capability to release a clean, deep and low bass, with the perfect midrange level and has a spectacular treble that seems to sooth the ear. It has a two way speaker system which will definitely reduce the amount of distortion given off by the speakers thus improving your audio experience. 

Frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz
Max Amplifier Wattage: 2x30W Stereo
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.1%THD 
Max Speaker Wattage: 150W-200W RMS
Speaker Size: Woofer (5.25"), Fullrange (1.75")
Enclosure's Dimensions: H= 5.75", L= 19", D=6"
Other Feature's: iPod Dock, USB Media Reader, IR Remote, Bass Trebble Equalizer and etc.
Audio Input Type: RCA, Auxiliary (3.5 Stereo) and 30 pin iPod Dock.

This project is ideal for: Picnics, Parties, Car Road Trips, Home Use and etc.

If you don't have time reading the long texts, there are summaries written in bright red text below each step.

"It takes pure craftsmanship and experience to build a highly efficient boombox from scraps and pieces. "

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SDgeek2 years ago
Nice boombox! I love that people are getting into bringin' the boombox back. I wish you would've given more detail on your amp build tho.
ASCAS (author)  SDgeek2 years ago
Too bad I have a lot of p;ans this summer. No worries, I'l post it soon.
junglebrad2 years ago
This is so awesome, I'm ordering parts for it now. Do you know how to make this battery powered?
ASCAS (author)  junglebrad2 years ago
Yes! Simply connect the battery to your amp's power input.
jondneumann2 years ago
Wow! Great job and amazing work. This looks professional. You are very skilled. I look forward to seeing future projects.
ASCAS (author)  jondneumann2 years ago
I promise, there will be more. Thanks for the comment ! :)))
Shaji472 years ago
Good job.... Keep it up..... :D
ASCAS (author)  Shaji472 years ago
icekid2 years ago
Nice Job!
bobzjr2 years ago
I was just looking through some of your work - including this boombox project. I must say you do a beautiful job of presenting the material. Pictures are excellent. Wow - if you still have a lot of school to go - you have a HUGE headstart on your peers! Thanks for sharing your hard work.
ASCAS (author)  bobzjr2 years ago
GarageGuru2 years ago
Nicely done!
ASCAS (author)  GarageGuru2 years ago
I like it, it's cool that you used wood in that application.
ASCAS (author)  vroom...vroom...2 years ago
There's another type of material, you can use MDF. Those kinds of woods are specially designed for speakers, it's not actually wood since it's man made.
tutdude982 years ago
one of best portable boombox on instructables
ASCAS (author)  tutdude982 years ago
KeiganG2 months ago

I could just get a blue led power button instead of power switch and led indicator, correct?

biglabrat2 months ago


Ketan Singh2 months ago
I m new to electronics.. Can u plz help me by giving me an idea tht what should i study ti make high qualiy speakers and music systems??
Divergence3 months ago
How can you add Bluetooth to this?

if i want it to incorporate a decent battery, what do you suggest?

ASCAS (author)  george.winstong3 months ago

I would suggest assembling a 18650 Li-ion battery pack.

RoBeRoB11894 months ago
Hey what kind of audio switch box did you use, the ones i see on the internet (amazon,enay etc) dont look compatible. If they are could you please explain. I like how your directions and also how this unit looks better than all the others i have found. I want to build one similar to this, please please write back as soon as possible. I want to start this weekend. thank you.
danigoro5 months ago

when you said: "Mine has a two way crossover design so both speakers combined should reach 45Hz - 20kHz (without a frequency gap)"

iv'e bought the same speakers what is crossover design and how do you combine them?

DangerousTim6 months ago

Cool! This rocks!

I have bought high performance portable boombox(ATS250) at Such a nice product..

bluetooth boombox.jpg
chemacky7 months ago


Can you please clarify what the 'switch box' in the wiring drawing is?


CandyMUFF8 months ago


In the picture, you're using a flame. What does this do... how does this help clean? Just can't see an explanation that's all.


dcarganilla8 months ago

how can i put a bluetooth on it? can you show me how plz... thanks

tokuta9 months ago

hey im thinking of putting a 10 inch sub on my drift trike with a set of midranges and a tweeter have any idea where i can get some cheap lightweight amps for it

cdubose210 months ago
Hey could you explain where to use the resistors and capacitors. Thanks man
Enzomatico2 years ago
Nice instructable. Do you have a copy of the schematic that you used?
Yes please that'd really help
C-R-E-811 months ago
Very cool and neat. Im trying to make one in a case
Avelltech12 months ago

Hi again! Where did you buy the TDA7394 and the TDA1524 chip tone control in ph? I check e-gizmo and they only have the TDA7268 2x2W amp. I dont want to buy out of the country items since it always take 30days :(. or is there a good amplifier that is available here in ph that is battery efficient. Also I have a 2x (0.5W 8ohm full range speakers), 2x (2W 4ohm full range speakers) and 1x (8W 8ohm woofer speaker) can I use this for my boombox or should I buy a new higher wattage set of speakers like yours?

ASCAS (author)  Avelltech12 months ago

DEECO sells TDA7394 amp chips. Those speakers are too weak to make a boombox. You're probably looking at a mini speaker setup. Larger speakers are required to build a loud boombox. Right now you have two choices:

1.) Stick with your speakers and find a suitable low wattage amplifier circuit.

2.) Replace those speakers with a higher watt rating and build a TDA7394 amp circuit.

Avelltech ASCAS11 months ago

If i stick with my speakers can i use both 0.5W and the 2W speakers even though they have different power rating?...

NNS971 year ago

dude very nice work!!! can you plz help me(newbie)by posting a circuit diagram of the amp and tone control circuit connected together?? thank you

NNS971 year ago


But can i use the TDA8580J ic for amplifier instead of TDA7394

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