Step 8: Time To Drill And Cut Holes (Last Time For Cutting)

Now is the best and final time for cutting and drilling holes for your knobs, switches, iPod dock, connectors, USB/SD audio player module.  Later on you will fill the gaps using your wood filler (putty), then sand the box for the last time, then paint or laminate your box for the final finishing.

Summary: This is the last time for drilling and cutting holes for your accessories. 

<p>ASCAS's builds really helped Inspire me when I started building portable speakers. Here's my latest speaker. Puts out (real) 30W RMS, lasts for around 20 hours on max volume, has bluetooth 4.0 with function keys, and uses passive radiators and Bose drivers :)</p>
<p>Whoa! That's the most professional Bluetooth speaker build I've ever seen! I guess you're the one who inspired me now to build another Bluetooth speaker tutorial. :)</p>
<p>Yay, you replied! Thanks bro I really appreciate it. I'll have a tutorial up for this one in 4 weeks if you're interested in checking it out. I'll let you know when its up. Also, your original speaker tutorials inspired me to go out there and try and find passive radiators that could be bought individually. It took me half a year, but I managed to make some contacts with Chinese manufacturers who could bulk sell me passive radiators. I bought them and I now have around 12 different types of passive radiators, all up on my eBay store. So if you need individual passive radiators just give me a shout! :) </p>
Nice boombox! I love that people are getting into bringin' the boombox back. I wish you would've given more detail on your amp build tho.
Too bad I have a lot of p;ans this summer. No worries, I'l post it soon.
This is so awesome, I'm ordering parts for it now. Do you know how to make this battery powered?
Yes! Simply connect the battery to your amp's power input.
Wow! Great job and amazing work. This looks professional. You are very skilled. I look forward to seeing future projects.
I promise, there will be more. Thanks for the comment ! :)))
Good job.... Keep it up..... :D
Nice Job!
I was just looking through some of your work - including this boombox project. I must say you do a beautiful job of presenting the material. Pictures are excellent. Wow - if you still have a lot of school to go - you have a HUGE headstart on your peers! Thanks for sharing your hard work.
Nicely done!
I like it, it's cool that you used wood in that application.
There's another type of material, you can use MDF. Those kinds of woods are specially designed for speakers, it's not actually wood since it's man made.
one of best portable boombox on instructables
<p>&quot;Making one is cheaper than buying a ready made&quot;</p><p>Not necisarily true. You can buy pre made bare amplfier boards from ebay for less than $15 USD</p>
I tried it it doesn't work
What amp did you use?
<p>I beleive he bulit his own amp. </p>
<p>When do you need high/low pass filters on a boom box, I noticed you didn't use any.</p>
<p>This project looks great! Would it be possible to add bluetooth functionality? I know i could easily do it with a bluetooth headset however its for a college assignment and using a headset would be cheating!</p>
<p>how do you connect the wires at the switch plz show me</p><p>i am a big fan of your works i maded the 6 w box</p>
<p>I am having trouble understanding how the usb port functions. does the ic have the functionality to decode the digital signal? Or did i just miss something entirely?</p>
would you make shema where do I put the wires in the amplifier (with pictures)<br>
Hey bud I am trying to hunt down your HHO welder instructible. I googled HHO and found it but when I registered for this site and got the app I could no longer find it. FYI I checked out a few of your instructibles, great work kid and don't mind the trolls. They're just frustrated that they don't have your gift.
I really hate having my time wasted by these elaborate &quot;hey look what I can do!&quot; Show-off posts that don't actually intend to instruct people on how to build the thing they are sowing off, leaving out key pieces of information necessary to build it. What is the &quot;switch&quot; in the diagram and the black rectangular thing in the front of the box where the USB is plugged? (conveniently left out of this instructable) Oh nothing, just the central hub that ties everything together and makes it possible for this thing to function as a multimedia boombox and not just another dumb speaker.
<p>Sorry, don't mean to troll on you. You make a lot of really great stuff and instructables. Which is more than I can say for myself. But if you're going to share how to make something, it's nice to not leave out important information. That's all. </p><p>It's not hard to find the misssing pieces, but why leave them out of the instructable in the first place.<br><br>Media reader with remote:<br>http://amzn.com/B00MN5P9ZQ <br><br>Switch box:<br>http://amzn.com/B0056DQT1A </p>
To make it wireless you have to buy a mp3 bluetooth usb from ebay. I have to say you got some real skills man!
<p>No filters needed for woofer and fullrange frequency seperation?</p>
<p>This is a very cool project and very well details, I like way it has been presented and shared to all the people. Do share new projects</p>
As i onlu want make it when told how add bluetooth make wirless add rechrgerball battery
As i onlu want make it when told how add bluetooth make wirless add rechrgerball battery
How do i add blutooth and make it wirless
<p>I could just get a blue led power button instead of power switch and led indicator, correct?</p>
I m new to electronics.. Can u plz help me by giving me an idea tht what should i study ti make high qualiy speakers and music systems??
How can you add Bluetooth to this?
<p>if i want it to incorporate a decent battery, what do you suggest?</p>
<p>I would suggest assembling a 18650 Li-ion battery pack. </p>
Hey what kind of audio switch box did you use, the ones i see on the internet (amazon,enay etc) dont look compatible. If they are could you please explain. I like how your directions and also how this unit looks better than all the others i have found. I want to build one similar to this, please please write back as soon as possible. I want to start this weekend. thank you.
<p>when you said: &quot;Mine has a two way crossover design so both speakers combined should reach 45Hz - 20kHz (without a frequency gap)&quot;</p><p>iv'e bought the same speakers what is crossover design and how do you combine them?</p>
<p>Cool! This rocks!</p>
<p>I have bought high performance portable boombox(ATS250) at http://www.actions-semi.com. Such a nice product.. </p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>Can you please clarify what the 'switch box' in the wiring drawing is?</p><p>Thanks</p>

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