Picture of DIY Portable Ipod speaker
Its always nice to have something louder than your headphones and better quality than your lame Ipod speakers. And why would you pay $50 for mini Ihome speakers when you can do it yourself for $5! This gives you better sound quality and awesome pocket sized music!
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Step 1: Make it

Picture of Make it
Go to Re-store or some place that you can get used electronics for cheap and bring your Ipod.

Step 2:

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Test out some speakers till you find one thats good quality and portable enough to fit in your pocket

Step 4:

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Once the packaging is completely off, find all of the wires.

Step 9:

Put the casing around the speaker* and skrew together.

*Make sure the jack is outside the casing**.
**You might have to cut a notch in the casing to do so.

Step 10:

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Plug into Ipod and listen to music on your portable pocket-sized speaker!

Step 11:

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Here's another more pocket sized one than that(I made this with some styrofoam to look cool).