DIY Portable Magnetic Stirrer in Action!


Introduction: DIY Portable Magnetic Stirrer in Action!

This is a stirrer I made previously for my experiment, it is a very common apparatus in laboratory.Although I have the commercial one, I made this to serve the demonstration where portability is critical. I hope you can get an idea how a magnetic stirrer work, and eventually get some inspiration if you plan to make one!

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    brilliant - thank you so much - i need this agitator to keep a liquid moving when electroforming and this is fantastic just what i need - chris

    I would like to ask... IF how did YOu make a magnetic stirrer??? ang how can I modified it with opposite rotation? and I would like to ask if what is the MAximum RPM of the Stirrer??? plss.. email me ->

    It would be great if you help me

    I thought it was really neat, but you should have shown it actually mixing something.

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    I demonstrated dissoving sugar in the last part, and you may not expect it is so neat, as this is my very first prototype.