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I started with the plastic top from some blank CDs
toni.ivos10 months ago

What kind of potentiometer did you use? Ohms?

rendly11 months ago

There are three sets of LEDs. Each LED in each set is wired in Parallel, that is (+) to (+) and (-) to (-). Then each of the sets are wired to the next set (+) to (-) in series. The two remaining leads from the end two sets are wired to the battery. Thus, each set is only connected to one third of the 9V battery, or 3Volts.

StraydogEOD2 years ago
Did you put any resistors in to prevent the LEDs from being burned out by the 9V? If so, what value, how many, and where?

Thanks for the write up, looks awesome!
agis684 years ago
zieak4 years ago
Cool use of an old cd spindle cover!
NikonDork4 years ago
Any shots with this in the dark or sample images to see how much light this thing throws off?
chrismillar (author)  NikonDork4 years ago
put a few test shots up. Step 17
chrismillar (author)  NikonDork4 years ago
i'll throw a few up tonight or tomorrow ;)
chrismillar (author) 4 years ago
Test shots. Works great in light, a bit too bright at night time though if your eyes are adjusted to the dark. Haven't messed around too much with the dimmer at night time but its a must.