Step 4: Paint Removal:

Initially, I thought I'd only be dealing with a couple coats of spray paint.  I was so excited when the aerosal remover started to work it's magic... until it stopped cold at paint layer number 3... or was it 4?  I lost count.  

This tool box had multiple paint layers that weren't "spray" paint at all... and they weren't going to leave peacefully! 

I scraped, I wired and I fired the tool box with less-than-satisfactory results. 8-/

Time to pull out the big guns... which is what I probably should've done in the first place. (Live and learn!) 

The right-angle grinder and sanding disc made quick work of the stubborn residual paint inside and out.  Except for the inside corners where the disc couldn't reach, the tool box cleaned up beautifully.

I am proud to inform you that I stripped the paint off all by myself!   I managed to overcome my Ergalilektriphobia (Fear of Power Tools with a name I can't pronounce either) ... and it was actually rather fun... kinda like temporary insanity! ;-D

The stripped tool box was so pretty... and so shiney!  

lol... TOO shiney!  Time to repaint the outside with high-heat stove paint and add some legs.