Step 6: Leg Construction:

Picture of Leg Construction:
DH drilled 4 holes into the bottom of the tool box; one at each corner. 

He fastened the stove bolts "legs" through the holes using a ratchet, a socket and an open-end wrench; leaving a  4" rise between the ground and the bottom of the toolbox.

The bolt legs were sturdy, but they were also slick-footed.  Not-so-good for the tailgate grilling I had planned.

What the feet needed were skid-proof "boots" that would withstand some heat.

I found some heavy rubber plugs in my craft stash.  They fit snugly on the feet, which was a huge plus.  I heat-tested one in a 400° F oven for 12 minutes.  It came out only slightly worse for the wear; a tiny bit misshapen but still pliable after cooling.  

The rubber "boots" were going to work just fine. (she said with her fingers crossed. ;-)

To help keep the boots from getting knocked off, I worked Sugru into the well around the plugs and let them cure overnight. (Sugru is heat-resistant to 365° F)

For the sake of clarity (and sanity), some pictures in this step are tagged. ;-)

Stove paint (sprayed on the the bottom of the tool box and the legs) was all that was needed to complete this project... almost.

I still had some small finishing touches to add. →