Step 8: Fire in the Hole!

Picture of Fire in the Hole!
Grilled Top Sirloin, cotc and baked potato... it's what's for dinner! 

My Top Secret Rub (steak brushed with EVOO, sprinkled generously with Garlic seasoning salt and rubbed with 1 T brown sugar on both sides) really is top secret.  I'm sorry... I just can't reveal everything

I can report that my Tool Box Grill produced beautiful results!  I think I can let the pictures speak for themselves. ;-)

Special Thanks to my husband... and to Instructable Members: Steveastrouk, Burf, Vyger and Iceng for helping me bring this fun project to fruition!

This Instructable project doesn't claim to be the best way or the only way to build a homemade portable Tool Box Grill... it was just my way.  I'll keep checking the local thrift shops for another grilling grate in case the freezer grate doesn't hold up... knock-on-wood. ;-)

If you have suggestions or comments (beyond "Don't quit your day job!"), please feel free to share them. ;-)

UPDATE! Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for visiting again!  

The next few steps are the improvements I've made.