Step 4: Frame

Picture of Frame
Now that I had the internal electronics functioning it was time to start working on the frame of the photo booth.  I had originally considered making the frame out of wood, but quickly realized that it would not be possible to pack up the end product in my car and drive it across three states.  I ended up settling on a PVC plastic frame.  It is light enough for transport, easily breaks down, quick to cut, and pretty inexpensive. 

Unfortunately the local home depot does not sell the necessary corner joints to build structures out of PVC.  I found a small online vendor that sold furniture grade PVC , and offered the 3 & 4 way joints I was looking for.  I opted to go with 3/4" PVC pipe that offered the best price/weight/strength combination of the available sizes.  Link to PVC joint supplier: http://shop.dpsbargainbasement.com/

Once I had collected all of the PVC parts I started to experiment and determine the proper dimensions.  The height of the booth should be ~ 6', and the width should be 40".  This width  would allow two chairs placed next to each other to fit easily, and that height would allow some privacy for the people in the booth.

I first built the frame that would enclose the electronics.  This would be 18" in length, and provide a shelf at waist height to hold the camera & monitor in place.  I found that the weight of the monitor was too much without some additional support, and I came up with the two PVC support legs you can see in the picture below. 

The second part of the frame would be where the two chairs are placed.  This mirrors the electronics enclosure in size (6'x40"x18"), but is left open on one.  The two large frame structures are then connected by two additional pieces of PVC that were 30" in length to tie everything together and complete the structure.

The shelf was made from scrap pieces of an old Ikea headboard, and contains a small support for the red start button.  You may notice some pipe pieces are black. These were spray painted since some portions of these pipe may be visible once fully assembled.

Parts Breakdown
10 3/4" PVC Pipes
10 3/4" T Joints
2 3/4" Elbow Joints
10 3/4" 3-Way Joints
12 3/4" 4-Way Joints
Scrap wood for shelf
ulfilas2 years ago
Only 1 supplier in the UK :(
I was able to find the 3-way joints at Lowes.
trevormates4 years ago
Very cool. You can also get the 3-Way and 4-Way PVC joints from formufit.com. Another great source.