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Introduction: DIY Potato Clock

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Hello Everybody!Welcome to my Instructables! This time i will show you how to make Potato Clock.The clock use potato energy not use battery.Hope you like this Instructables,Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need:

These are what you need:
•Digital Clock with wires/LCD Clock
•Copper and Zinc strips
•Connecting Wire
•Transparent Tapes

Step 2: Assemble a "connection Pair"

Assemble a "connection pair" by connecting the pair of copper and zinc plates with a connection wire as shown(Pict.4). Carefully thread the wire's exposed metallic end through the hole on the plate(Pict.1).Gently twist the wire to secure it to the plate(Pict.2).Cover and secure the connection with the transparent tape(Pict 3).

Step 3: Connecting the Clock

Next,connect the black wire from the digital clock(negative)to one of the zinc plates(Pict.1).Then connect the red wire from the digital clock(positive) to a piece of copper plates.Now all the components are connected.

Step 4: Turn on the Clock

Insert the copper and zinc plates into the potatoes,as shown in the pictures,taking care that the metal plates do not touch each other.And now the clock turn on!

Step 5: Thank You!

You can use salt water,lemon,etc too!And Thank you for see this Instructable!Hope you guys like it! please vote me in Time Contest!Thanks!

Step 6: Video



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    Few years ago, we used Coca-Cola as our power source, and it is still working on it`s 4th year!

    For Zinc,Copper strips,Cable,you can search it at material store.For the clock,you can search it at Clock Store.Thank You for check this out!

    1.How much is the voltage?

    2.I think the Digital Clock is erey Low power consumption.

    1 reply

    For the voltage,you can measure it with voltmeter.Thank you for check this out!

    Cool. I remember doing something like this in school with a lemon.

    It made me think of Portal 2. ?

    1 reply