DIY Power Supply





Introduction: DIY Power Supply

Today I will show you how to make power supply for labaratory. Whole power supply is in modules.

Step 1: Cutting Parts and Making Box for Power Supply

In this step i cut parts from wood to make box

Step 2: Cutted Parts for Box

Dimensions for box i won`t tell you, because I made box for dimension of my power supply.

Step 3: Sander

Step 4: Now We Compose the Box. Then We Make a Hole for Connector.

I reccomend to put a tape on wood (or u shoulld use metal if u want to) on that way u will get nice hole on front size.Buksna - connector which I used is 4 mm , and as seen in the picture , this plastic is 8mm and use of 8mm drill bit . This plastic is an isolation and the connector in the event that is set on a metal surface.

Step 5: Putting Connector-buksna on Roght Place

Step 6: Putting Powersupply in Box and Soldering Wires

this powersupply i took from DVD for TV

Step 7: Glowing

When I have all stuck with glue for wood, edge I pinned it with a hot glue gun to glue --- . So that all that remained tightly wrapped up with tape so to keep everything in place.

Step 8: Finish

This is how looks well made power supply of +5V, +12V and -12V. Just a litle finishing up and that will be it



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I'm new to this so i may have missed something but what is the circuit that was used here and why is there another power connection next to the switch at the top?

Still don't understand what you are talking about. Plastic, steel or aluminum could be used as an enclosure for any power supply. 1000 watts or 1 watt. The potential energy is in the voltage not the amount of power available.

The banana plug connectors that the man used provided their own insulation, nothing more is needed, either with wood or steel or aluminum.

Mutlu is quit right,

I was planning to build a 1000 W power supply,

For that power aluminum with proper insulation would be preferable.

I suggest fiberglass insulation if you plan to have too much power on the power supply.

Best Regards

PS: Mutlu I sent you a facebook invitation, Selamlar.


What would the insulation be for? I've built dozens of power supplies but never used any insulation. Would that not just hold the heat in, making the electronics get much hotter?

Sorry, probably I mis-praised it. By insulation I meant to have some anti conductive. As Aluminum is a conductive and can cause a short-Circuit in the build.

Best Regards

Where did you get the converter board, I use a large battery charger to do electrolysis to clean cast iron pots and pans, would like to build a dedicated on for this purpose with multiple voltages, 12v 24v 48v, contact me at

Thank you SGT James Snyder

SGT. Snyder,

I am guessing you are a military member, and if so thank you for your willingness to serve us. I also use a battery charger to do electrolysis (antique Coleman camping appliance restoration) and have a question on resistance for Srpska:


Electrolysis, as you probably know is the process of cleaning rusted metal by placing a rusted item and a cathode into a solution and applying DC current. The process creates at least a minor electrical resistance effect which in turn challenges the source of DC power.

Do you know if the power supply from a DVD is able to handle any resistance without damage? I ask this also because I do metal plating as well, a process that also creates a similar resistance, albeit at a lower voltage.

Thanks for your generosity in sharing your brilliant idea,



Not sure You would have to open it up and check the voltage and amps it is putting out, I would try it with a automotive type fuse in it, say 20 amp, either buy a holder or make one with two female wire connectors.I do a lot of salvage work and had never thought of saving one out of a DVD player, great idea. I also save the drive motors out of treadmills, as they put out 19 v dc and make great vertical wind turbines, just get the blades going the right way, use a manual brake, you-tube has several videos on them. the DVD player might be a good place to get a converter board also, I will have to check it out.
SGT James Snyder

Putting an electronic item in to a wood box? Is this safe? There is not even a hole for air circulation.

Some of the older computers, were wooden box, or combo metal/wood. But, yes, your concern for ventilation is warranted. It appears he used a 60-70-watt switching supply for the 'Guts' and anything drawing near the full amperage would generate some heat, but not enough to set the particle board on fire. (unless it was running several days at that output.)