DIY Power Supply for Raspberry Pi by LM2596 DC-DC or XL6009 DC-DC





Introduction: DIY Power Supply for Raspberry Pi by LM2596 DC-DC or XL6009 DC-DC

DIY Power Supply Raspberry Pi by LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter

Input: DC 3V to 40V (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage to 1.5v above can not boost) Output: DC 1.5V to 35V voltage continuously adjustable, high-efficiency maximum output current of 3A. Features: All SANYO solid .
capacitors, the 36u thickening circuit boards, high-Q inductance with output value of high-power LED indicator Dimensions: 45 (L) * 20 (W) * 14 (H) mm (with potentiometer)

DIY Power Supply Raspberry Pi by

XL6009 DC-DC Adjustable Step-up boost Power Converter Module

Wide input voltage 3V ~ 32V, optimum operating voltage range is 5 ~ 32V;● Wide Output voltage 5V ~ 35V;● Built-4A efficient MOSFET switches enable efficiency up to 94%; (LM2577 current is 3A)●
high switching frequency 400KHz, can use a small-capacity filter capacitors that can achieve very good results, the ripple smaller and smaller:

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Nice build! my only question is, given a 12v line from a ATX psu, what amperage should I expect on output when stepping down to 5v? over 1A?