Help me Scoochmaroo...you're my only hope!
How come you are so prolific, I get maybe 1 or 2 good ideas a year and then it takes me 6 months to make it. You are a very clever person.
I'm lucky to be able to say it's my job!
You are a GENIUS!! I need to make this. :-D
I haven't even seen star wars but I now want to make this!
You never seen starwars..........thats like a crime
I'm definitely making myself one, cuz I'm all about saving the galaxy &amp; stuff! <br>
Ha, the buns are the best. Perfect head piece for Winter. The robe however, maybe a Summer fashion.
This is AWESOME!! So creative and cute! <br>Great Job :)

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Bio: Former Living &amp; Food editor here at Instructables, now running Sousvidely.com! Follow me @sousvidely
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