Picture of DIY Professional Lock Picks!
how to make you very own lock picks! out of house hold items1!!!11 yay!

I was browsing through some random instructables not finding anything of much interest except ALL OF TETRANITRATES POSTS! boy man your my idol!
so neways i thought to myself "hmm not many good instructables on making professional lock picks" and so my very fist instructable was born.....

this instructable will outline some very good methods of making quite good lock picks that function surprisingly well.


2 hacksaw blades (ammount can vary)
bench grinder.
assorted allan keys.
files (if you do not posses a bench grinder).
and if you dont have either a bench grinder or files at a very last resort you can use a angle grinder with metal disk (EXTREEMLY DANGEROUS)
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patbking1 year ago
What's with your head on fire
Mr. D.1 year ago

Any chance of uploading a template?

godofrock2 years ago
Good job!!
lockpicken3 years ago
hahah that picture is just freaking awesome.

How did you make that?

Was it actually on fire on your head while making this?

Thats crazy:P

This guide helped me to make some goood lockpicks


jlund3 years ago
This way is a bit longer but take a pop can and cut the top and bottom off then un fold it get a clay brick or a anvil and pound the can pice flat then roll it the long way to were the rol of can is about as big around as a pencil then pound flat then get pliers and roll again then pound then roll then pound then roll then pound till its small enough to fit in a lock then for a tention rench do th same but folld then pound then fold then pound it takes a wile but if done correctly its the best home made lock picks ever
tweakgeek3 years ago
What's that burning thing doing on his head?
Robotrix8 years ago
It would help people who don't know how to use these tools if you explained what they were for. It might seem obvious to you that a tension wrench needs to fit into most keyways, but what if someone didn't know how to use it? Where does it need to fit into keyways? How thin should it be? Picks made with a grinder are going to need some serious sanding before they work well enough to be called professional. Unsanded picks will get caught on pins constantly. Also, your spelling is atrocious, and you didn't actually mention more than one way to make either picks or tension wrenches, or alternate materials for either like windshield washer blade inserts, street sweeper tines, spring steel strapping, or old steel rulers. I'd appreciate seeing more research going into this and more instruction coming out.
0Isey0 Robotrix6 years ago
This his first instructable, can't you just let him be god
Robotrix 0Isey06 years ago
you're about two years too late for that comment to be applicable, but i appreciate your message. I could definitely have gone a little easier with the wording and still have made my same points in a more constructive way. I guess i've matured in the two years since i posted this.
2 years later...
^^ lol
stainless steel paring knives, ground to the correct size. they're a little tougher than the carbon steel hacksaw blades. Also, sawblades with a high chromium content are much more flexible and still as hard, tho that might interfere with the sensations involved slightly. I don't see the point in doing anything other than the carbon steel ones, actually, because they're (fairly) quick to make, and very cheap.
Street sweeper brushes are sweet...I thought that I was the only one. They require a great deal less work to shape and make the best tension wrenches. They tend to be difficult to work with however and I mount them in an ink pen housing with epoxy for a more comfortabe feel. I like the windshield wiper insert idea.
555mst5555 years ago
sorry but i think that u did not even make the pick your self.....u got the picture from google or something
dosnt matter used his directions and it worked perfectly as long as he can explaine how to do it i dont care if he did it or not.
Whats with the picture whats hapning in it?
A paper-bag head catches fire...
milamber6 years ago
try this template
Pick-Templates.pdf(612x792) 364 KB
yukas6 years ago
why the burned head?
buster276 years ago
the pic is funny wherd u get it?
Bad Donut8 years ago
Wtfs wrong with you?! Any normal person doesnt put a burning bag on their head.
what's normal?
Someone who doesn't think being suicidals funny.
well i wouldn't call what he's doing suicidal... suicidal is eating at McDonalds every meal for a year if that is even possible do.
cant you tell thats photshopped. no one has enough endurance - or stupidity- to light a papr bag on fire thats on their head.
ohhhh man, you just made me want to make a video of me lighting a paper bag on my head. But I am not that stupid, I think.....
ha. I think it could be done, but hmmm
well, i dont think im that stupid, but my friend might be......
Sadly, I wasn't kidding. He once poked a hole in his wall because he was bored and tried to run up the wall like a ninja.
well, i will put a bag on my head and light it just to prove you wrong! haha
lol. for how long? oh and be sure not to wear hairspray, its extremely flammable.
i dont wear hairspray, jellied petrolium gives me the desired affect. lol


Bad Donut Derin7 years ago


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