Introduction: DIY Pushpin Dragon Sculpture

Picture of DIY Pushpin Dragon Sculpture
How to make a dragon made of wire, newspapers and pushpins.
You are going to need :
- few meters of wire
- some old newspapers
- 200 - 500 pushpins ( according to the size )
- some plastic
- polystyrene egg ( optional )

Step 1: Step : 1 : Making the Skeleton

Picture of Step : 1 : Making the Skeleton

Make a skeleton. It's very easy - everyone can do it !

Step 2: Step : 2 : Making Body

Picture of Step : 2 : Making Body

Just take some crumpled newspapers and add it to some part of the dragon and then secure it with a strip of newspapers dipped in a glue. Continue untill the whole dragon is covered ...

Step 3: Step : 3 : Adding the Scales ( Pushpins )

Picture of Step : 3 : Adding the Scales  ( Pushpins )

Make scales by sticking and gluing with hot glue gun. START FROM BOTTOM AND CONTINUE UPWARDS.
Wings are made out of bended plastic using hot air gun and then sanded.

Step 4: Step : 4 : Finishing

Picture of Step : 4 : Finishing

For the details cut the spike of and bend the pushpins with 2 pliers.
Finally add details like thons, horns, eyes, the end of the tail and (optional) add an egg - which is made the same way as the dragon.

Step 5: Another Dragon I Made

Picture of Another Dragon I Made

I tried to make a pushpin dragon according to picture I drew few years ago.

dragon with egg :
lonely dragon :


poofrabbit (author)2014-07-31

This is great! Over time how does the hot glue hold up?

bobes360 (author)poofrabbit2014-08-01

Til today is still holds up pretty well. I think that to today just about 3 pushpins fell off.

jessyratfink (author)2014-01-06

Whoa! This is amazing. :D

bcavaciuti (author)2014-01-04

this is awesome especially the second one it reminded me of Glaedr from the inheritance cycle (the one with eragon in it) i wonder if you could effectively vary the size of the scales by using things like upholstery tacks and small nails to make it a bit more detailed.

bobes360 (author)bcavaciuti2014-01-05

Yeah, the first one was just a test - I wanted to try it and the second one was the final product. I used different sizes of the pushpins - if you watch carefully you can see that his front neck and his belly is made of bigger pushpins.

csmith193 (author)2014-01-04

Love the second one very pretty

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