♥︎ DIY Pyramid Gift Box ♥︎ What could be more delightful than receiving a gift in a handmade paper box? Here is a tutorial for easy pyramid gift box; simple to make for last minute gift and different from the usual gift boxes. No need to print any template! Always happy to hear from you! Please share, like and subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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Step 1: Draw 9 Squares (7 Cm Each Square)

21 cm x 21 cm cardstock paper

Step 2: Mark the Center

Step 3: Draw Triangles

Step 4: Draw Arcs

Step 5: Cut Out the Shape

Step 6: Score and Crease Along the Lines

Step 7: Make a Small Hole on 2 of the 4 Tips

Step 8: Stick 3 Triangles Together Using Paper Glue

Step 9: Place the Gift Inside and Tie a Bow to Close the Box.

Step 10: Your Pyramid Gift Box Is Done!

Step 11: Watch the Video for Easy Step by Step Explanation

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