DIY Quad Copter Like Footage for Go Pro Using Fishing Nylon


Introduction: DIY Quad Copter Like Footage for Go Pro Using Fishing Nylon

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In this project i used fishing nylon to give me some footage that could look like it is from a drone. The first picture is from the top of my zip line. Of course mine was only set up in my backyard but this idea could have a start point much higher and you could face the camera down as it goes over a game. E.g soccer, cricket etc. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to vote favorite and comment.

Step 1: What You Need

- Scissors

- Small flat head nail ( or something that will run freely on the nylon zip line)

- Small washer ( so the nail doesn't go through the mounting holes in the bottom of your Go Pro)

- Fishing Nylon (i used 25 lb)

- Pliers

- Go Pro or action camera

Step 2: Choose Where Your Zipline Can Go

Choose somewhere high and stable to tie one end of your zip line to. I used 25lb clear fishing nylon so when my camera goes down the zip line it doesn't see the zip line so it looks like it is flying through the air. Then choose a spot quite a bit lower than your high start point so your camera freely goes down the nylon. Make sure there are no obstructions in your flight path.

Step 3: Making Your Camera Fit for the Zip Line

First slide the nylon between the two plastic mounting bits. Put a washer on the nail up to the flat head bit. Push the nail through the two holes where your mounting screw would normally go. Then bend the nail around so the camera doesn't come off the zip line like you can see in the picture.

Step 4: Here Is the Cool Part

Now you take your camera up to the top of your zip line and let it go flying down. Watch video. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to vote favorite and comment.



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    cool must try I like it!

    that is another option

    that is another option

    yup and you could use a pulley or something like that

    1 reply

    or if youve got a gyro attach that to the line...

    to put in between the mounting plastics bits at the bottom i mean

    nice. not bad footage, but a bit bumpy... wouldn't there be a way to make it smoother?

    maybe a bigger/more supportive connection to the line...

    it is very easy