This tutorial will teach you how to make a quick camera strap similar to straps such as the "Black Rapid" and "Q Strap." This style of strap is perfect for reducing stress on your neck as well as providing an easily accessible place for your gear. This Strap cost me $1.41 to build as oppose to paying nearly $70 for a Black Rapid.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

For this project you will need:

Wingnut                    1/4 - 20
Eyebolt                     1/4 - 20

At my local Ace Hardware it cost me $1.04 for the eyebolt and $0.37 for the wingnut.
<p>Also could be used to attach wrist strap. Then able to use either strap.</p>
Super cool!
<p>I just broke the strap on my dslr last week. this will come in handy!</p>
Awesome! Looks really strong too!

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