I was reading the DIYP Gear Buying Guide, and they mentioned the Honl Speed Strap System.

Its a versatile portable system of modifiers for your strobe.   I've already started my own set of DIY modifiers from ideas on DIY Photography, and here on Instructables, so I didn't need a whole system.  I also use Velcro, but I didn't like leaving sticky adhesive on my strobes. I also didn't want to spend $10 per strap.

Here I've used some sticky back velcro, and tennis grip overwrap that I already had on hand.  Its cheap enough to make them for all your strobes, and probably have some for your friends too.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need:

1. Overwrap for tennis raquet grips.  - This one happens to be Prince, but any thin cheap overgrip will work.

2. Adhesive backed hook and loop fastener.  - I had some genuine Velcro on hand.

About 10 in. / 260mm of the loop side of the fastener,
about 2.5in. / 60mm of the hook side of the fastener,
and about 7.5in / 200mm of the overgrip tape.

You can adjust these to the size of your flash head.

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