making a robotic gripper u need following things....

1)some wood's rod and a wood plate



4)a motor

5)2 equal radius gears

6)a pen etc.

Step 1: MAKING..........

now join the wood rods to gears as shown in image.

now make hole in wood plate equal size of motor shaft.

now mount motor on plate.

Step 2: L.....

now mount one gear on motor shaft and another gear on a metal rod and mount that rod on wood plate as shown in fig. this assemble make turning pairs.

now take 2 another rods equal size of turing pairs radius.

now mount these both 2 rods to wood plate as show in fig,these mounted rods must be turning pair.

now take 2 another rod of length 2-3 times of older one.

Now join these rods to another rod as shown in fig.

Step 3: Modifications.....

now add parts in gripper as shown in images........

now your gripper ready for work.

<p>I wanna see video please if you have :D </p>
<p>Cool! Does it work well?</p>

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