Hi!! Today I bring you a really quick and easy DIY idea for this upcoming Valentine's day: a  no-sew heart pillow!!

As you see is super simply and the final result is cute and perfect for the ocassion!

You can use it to decor your bed as I did or give it as a gift to your valentine.

Thanks for watching and have fun!!
<p>Looks truly cushy!!</p>
<p>can you use a glue gun for this?</p>
I love it and what about the pillows with it those are pretty
Why do u post on u tube when people can't go on it for lent
So cute!!!!! :)
<p>I didn't know fabric glue worked that well. Where can you get fabric glue?</p>
<p>I'm sure you can find it at any craft store :)</p><p>Also, I think a hot glue gun will work fine.</p>
Looks cool
Looks really fluffy

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