Hi again! I wonder if you want to know how rtc's work. You can buy almost cheaper RTC from ebay, if you want. I made this to demonstrate how to build your own. This would be extremely cheap if you already have crystal. (and those things costs only few Euros).

And i have twitter now! If you want to follow me, or tell me what you are doing or recommend something to build, just send me tweet! I'm also wondering if i start YouTubing but we will see what will happen.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Qu4l1tyPro

Step 1: Parts and Tools You Will Need

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Qu4l1tyPro

You will need:

-Some kind of tools to build it:

-Soldering station + iron

-Tools to cut wires and strip them (And you will need also wires)

-Dremel is good tool to cut your breadboard, but i think you can just use carpet knife.

-Electric tape is always good to some electric work

-Some parts:


-2x 1K1 (1100 Ohm) resistors + resistor to power indicator led (i used 151 Ohm resistor)

-Breadboard (i used single sided

-3.3v cell battery

-Some headers to connect the module easier (if you need them)

-32.768 kHz crystal

Step 2: Building Everything Up

Okay. Now we have the parts. Then we just have to solder everything together! You can see the schematic in this steps' photo. This isn't very accurate project, because i built this thing before. I should record everything what i build ;P


If you use Arduino IDE, you could check that library: https://github.com/adafruit/RTClib

That library is made by Adafruit.

I'm now trying to learn C++, and at the same time Arduino libraries creation(and it's going pretty well). I have still problems with C++ program ;P (i haven't find the right one yet).

But now you are ready and i hope you enjoyed! :)

Best Regards


<p>Fun little RTC. I use it as standard for all my circuits where I need time.</p><p>I even made myself a RTC and MEMORY shield when I started with Arduinos.</p>

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