Introduction: DIY RUBBER BANDS

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I will show you how to make something you need from something you don't need......turning an old bicycle inner tube into heavy duty rubber bands of various sizes and strengths.

This instructable doesn't seem very important, until you consider that using this advice in a variety of other applications can save you a lot of money over time.

When you repurpose something you have into something you can use for some other need, you aren't just saving the money you might have spent, you are saving much more. How is that possible?

Let's suppose you need some wide, heavy duty rubber bands. They would probably cost $2.00 for a package. When driving to the store to buy them, you would probably burn 1/2 gallon of gas costing another $2.00. To have that $4.00 in your wallet, you would need to earn another $4.00 to pay the sales tax, Federal income tax, and state income tax on what you earn and spend. You now must earn a total of $8.00 to pay for something you could make for free ($0.00). Let's get started...........

Step 1: Supplies & Tools Needed

All you need is an old bicycle or motorcycle inner tube, and a good sharp pair if scissors.

Step 2: Cutting the Tube

Check the tube and make your first cut away from any patches or blemishes. You can cut the bands as wide as needed. Wider bands will be stronger and harder to stretch over something.

Step 3: Different Thicknesses for Different Uses

The first photo shows 3 widths, 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". The 2nd photo shows 3/8" wide being used. They are stronger than regular bands. The 3rd photo shows 2 of them being used to bundle a set of wrenches to carry in my car trunk. No need to buy a tool box for the wrenches. If having them rust from getting wet is a problem, put them in a plastic bag.

OK, you think this guy is as tight as the bark on a tree. Probably, but I will be 80 very soon and have been retired for 29 years. I will guarantee you that your wants and needs will be as strong at age 80 as they are at 30, so you need to save for retirement and be frugal.

__________________________________________________________ / Frugal = Economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.

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This is great idea. In india all the paper delivery boys make their own rubber bands this way to roll the new papers.

I published one like a week ago lol, but we called them ranger bands in the military. But still good information should be put out there multiple times

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I ran a search for "RUBBER BANDS" and could find nothing about making them from tubes since yours was titled "Ranger Bands". Your photos and mine are almost identical. If I had seen yours before posting, I would have not published.

I'm not mad, sour or anything to that magnitude. I enjoy the competition and like I said the more times the information gets out there the better. Knowledge is power my friend.

I have done this in the past when the son used to be here and went through inner tubes like they were going out of fashion! ;)

I also discovered that if you cut the tube at an angle you can have just about any length you need.

Waste is criminal! Using it saves our future too. :)


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You said, ".........if you cut the tube at an angle you can have just about any length you need."

Great idea.......I"ll try it. Thank you

If only I had an inner tube source. But be sure I'll be on the lookout now! Thanks, great idea!

thanks for this wonderful idea. now I can make rubberbands when I need them and save tons of money

It sure adds up (money wise)when you look at that way. Will show hubby this as he's very frugal lol

Pure genius. I run a second hand store and am always looking for ways to 'bundle' stuff together. Great idea.

Simply simple and simply wonderful.

Thak you