I wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween and looked high and low for a tutorial but wasn't able to find one, so I decided to make one myself and share it with you all.

This tiara will cost about $30 and take 1-2 hours to make.

Step 1: Materials

I got all the materials at Michael's, and you can probably find them at any local craft shop. The crystals are the hardest thing to find and they are pricey at $5.99 each so you may want to shop around online for a better deal.

Edit: You can find them online in various sizes here http://www.chandelierparts.com/valueprismsandchandelierparts.aspx. They are chandelier replacement parts!

You will need:
A glue gun
A plastic tiara
Silver rhinestones
3 large teardrop crystals
Gold spray paint
Floral wire
Lavender pearls
Fishing line
A needle

For the fancier crown I'll show you you'll also need large pink, teal, and white pearls.

Wow so beautiful tiara
That is SO cool!!
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Looks great
I would wear the crown every day!
I would like to be Rapunzel EVERY DAY! Beautiful work!
Great job - very cute!
looks great! I like the simple one you made :)

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