Introduction: DIY Raspberry Pi 3 Media Center (OSMC) With RetroPie!

Picture of DIY Raspberry Pi 3 Media Center (OSMC) With RetroPie!

Let's make a all in one media center with a raspberry pi 3. this is a media center that can play movies, music, pictures, display the weather, emulate old games, and much more. All you will need is a Raspberry Pi 3, HDMI cord, input method, and power source.

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And if you like video's more here you go

Step 1: Flash OSMC to SD Card

Picture of Flash OSMC to SD Card

TIP: Your SD card should be no less than 8gb for any RPi Image

Download the image from:

Download Rufus from:

Step 2: Install Retrosmc Setup Script

Picture of Install Retrosmc Setup Script

Open the terminal (do so by exiting OSMC and when the loading screen appears push ESC or connect via SSH[Username: osmc, Password: osmc)

First, we will download the installation script to our pi

cd /home/osmc

Next, lets make it executable

chmod +x

Finally, run the script


Step 3: Install RetroPie

Picture of Install RetroPie

This is easy the pi does it on it's own all you need to do is select binary-based installation. When it's done click cancle until your back to the terminal then

sudo reboot

Step 4: Customize Home Menu

Picture of Customize Home Menu

First, go to Settings>Appearance>Skin>Settings>Home>Customize Home Menu

Second, add a new menu button called games

Third, (optional) add a icon (the one i used is here)

Fourth, in the ChangeAction box add a custom action, this will be:


Finally, Save your changes and test it out!!

Step 5: To Add Rom's to RetroPie

Picture of To Add Rom's to RetroPie

Download them from a site like put them on a flash drive and use RetroPie's file manager to import them. You also could use FTP if you have it setup.

Step 6: Install Pandora on OSMC

Picture of Install Pandora on OSMC

Download the .zip file and put it on a flash drive (download .zip file)

Then to install navigate (System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file) and install it

Step 7: Thanks

I hope you liked this instructable, if you do have anymore questions leave them in the comments


Surferj (author)2017-11-08

Nice tutorial, been wondering to do this for quite some time.

The script is no longer avalible, that url returns error 400 : bad request :-(

Any chance some1 knows a working url?

jhughes45 (author)2017-06-21

Hey man, Im not getting the second screen asking weather i want to install from bin or src. it just says successfully installed and freezes. Whenever i launch the script again it says install successful too.

After that I dont have the same options you to do to make a Game option in the menu. Im pretty linux savvy and i have no idea why this could be happening. Looks like an awesome solution and id love to get it working. Any thoughts?

Funguypro (author)jhughes452017-06-21

I honestly don't know why, did you try reinstalling the image?

Tiago Tomaz (author)2017-03-23

nice job. it works really fine. thank's a lot

JustinB289 (author)2017-03-10

so how do i add games now that ive done this?

Ds45 (author)2016-10-20

how about if my main OS is is posible install OSMC on retropie?so OSMC is optional on retropie..


wavesailor (author)Ds452017-01-20

I think this is what you looking for:

Funguypro (author)Ds452016-10-20

I don't believe it is, sorry

wavesailor (author)2017-01-20

Thanks - Been looking for a "How to install RetroPie on OSMC" for a while.

FYI: Looks like the RetroPie install script has changed a little. There is no longer an option to add "select binary-based installation

fongmac (author)2017-01-19

So just curious, once in Emulation there a way to go back to OSMC??? Or do i need to reboot the PI to get back????

Funguypro (author)fongmac2017-01-20

Yes you can just open the main menu then select exit

iamchrismoran (author)2016-09-08

how can we get to this from the confluence skin?

Funguypro (author)iamchrismoran2016-09-09

System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file. Hope that's what you need

iamchrismoran (author)Funguypro2016-09-09

oops.. I meant get to RetropPie while IN Confluence.

I installed using your directions and though I can load it from the OSMC skin, I don't see it anywhere to access it or add it as an addon list item.

Funguypro (author)iamchrismoran2016-09-09

I think this might help,

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