If you're like me, and enjoy shooting at your home range(or back yard/basement, whatever) You've probably gotten tired of stopping to set up targets every few minutes, or trying to find targets that balance so you can shoot them before they fall over. When you hit a target it will swing for a while then settle back to it's original position. No more going to set up targets half way through a mag! Why did I build my own reactive targets? Sure you could go to your local sporting goods store and buy a steel target, but I'm typically broke, so making my own targets from recycled materials was the ideal choice for me.

These targets do not stop most bullets, you will still need a backstop to catch your bullets.These targets are not invincible, and will periodically need to be replaced or repaired, but since they're made from recycled materials it should be cheap or free to fix.

This is the part where I warn you to be careful and always observe proper safety procedures. No one likes getting shot(at least not anyone I know) and hospital bills/jail time can really ruin your day. Be careful because if you get hurt, it's not my fault, and depending on how serious the injury is, I may laugh at you.

Step 1: Supplies

Since we're using recycled materials on this one, feel free to substitute/supplement any and all supplies you feel necessary.

I used:
7x Wire frame storage shelf panels
Lots of light gauge steel wire(probably over ten feet, it was holding a roll of chicken wire together) This could be replaced with zip ties though assuming you used some decent zip ties.
2+x cuts of gardening tie(mine are just over a foot long, and not the same size)
3x Brass hooks per cut of gardening tie(again, feel free to make substitutions)
1X Roll of duct tape!(if you have lots of wood around you could skip this, but I'd do it anyway)

I didn't include a list of tools because each build is a little different. You know what tools you need.
Can't wait for video! This came out really well.
Thanks! I had to wait for a break in the weather to make the video and then I went out and my camera was dead. I did finally get the video made though and I'll have it uploaded as soon as I can.

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