Picture of DIY Recycled Small Pet Carrier Backpack
 Being a pet owner and lover I like to give my pets as much freedom as possible. I have been looking for a backpack pet carrier that I can strap on my back and go for a bike ride to bring my pets with me to the park. The problem? Most pet carriers are for dogs or cats, they have a large hole for the animal to poke their head out of, they are NOT a backpack, or the netting made to keep air flowing is made from a mesh material that my pets can chew threw. How, you say? I have pet rats.

 I needed a sturdy material that would not collapse on top of them, but I also didn't want to make the carrier from scratch. I knew I had to have some things around the house.


1. You can use ANY purse/backpack in ANY SIZE that is sturdy enough to hold itself up. I simply used this because I already had it at home though I plan to make a larger one.

2. This item is meant to be NO SEW. You have the option to use a large industrial needle and thread where I instead drilled holes and used twisty ties. I wanted to create this animal friendly as small animals can ingest thread and get sick/die from it. I also wanted it to be something anyone could make and shorten the time down by using twisty ties (which it does a lot!).
parisusa2 years ago
Love this! I have a small bunny who goes with us everywhere but he chews through a harness made for ferrets. This would be great lined with a towel we can toss out (after he chews too many holes holes in it!). Thanks! :)
komecake (author)  parisusa1 year ago
No problem. Glad I could help. Just be sure to line your pet carrier as the ends of the zip ties can be sharp. :)
WhyHello2 years ago
I've been wanting to sneak my dog on campus >.> and in the zoo. very much the zoo.
Skye21712 years ago
I think I love u
SIRJAMES093 years ago
another idea for cutting the hole where the galvanized wire goes, would be to place a board inside where you're gonna cut & use a utility knife to cut the hole. not saying my idea is better, it's just another idea on cutting the hole you need....and I love the drill idea!

awesome instructable!! TY for sharing. I can see this ible be modified for many other types of small pets. @-@
komecake (author)  SIRJAMES092 years ago
Thanks. It was a fun project, although not completely usable, a good first try. :)
You are quite welcome Ma'am. : )
Maybe something in a hard plastic??
Or a cage of some sort with straps?
I'm just thinking out loud & off the top of my head....
I've seen strollers for dogs & cats....maybe something like that for your sweet babies?
Again, just another hairbrain idea,,,,
Regardless, TY for sharing, I wish you & your family the best life has to offer.
maka3 years ago
i found this by searching "sugar glider"... figured i'd post, just as a warning to others who come here via the same search:

If you're making this (or anything else) for a sugar glider,
Do Not Use Galvanized Wire!!

Galvanized wire has been implicated in major health problems in sugar gliders. A quick Google search will verify this.

i have used galvanized wire with rats and reptiles without any problems, though. :)
komecake (author)  maka2 years ago
That's good to know! I did not know that. Thanks for sharing. :)
maka komecake2 years ago
You're welcome. I think this is a really cute idea! I'm planning to do something similar soon. I rarely take my gliders away from home at all, but recently I took one of them who is elderly (and therefore pretty calm and pleased to just curl up and sleep) with me when I had to go visit my husband's grandmother. It delighted her so much, I want to have a more secure way to get him over there more often. :)
reedz5 years ago
I fail to see where the recycled small pets are in this instructable.
komecake (author)  reedz2 years ago
This really is my favorite comment ever. Thank you. Haha.
meepie23232 years ago
can you do this for gerbils as well, looks awesome by the way! and my other question is what inner stuff would be the best for a gerbil as they chew and gnaw on pretty much anything! thank you if you do reply!
komecake (author)  meepie23232 years ago
You could try using metal rings or wrap wire. Just make sure to bend down the ends with pliers since they are sharp. I imagine anything would work although I recommend using something sturdy so that your pet doesn't get squished, or lining it with something sturdy.
katerlyn2 years ago
I would love to see the pet in action in the bag walking with you so to speak. 8-)
komecake (author)  katerlyn2 years ago
I Goodwilled it awhile back. It needed lining on the inside, which never got sewn in. It was fun to make though. :)
I was thinking of making something like this for my rabbit.
this help alot :) i just have to find a nice big bag for my bunny :)

thanks xx
ferretomo4 years ago
Wow That insane... i would have never thought of that ... thanks for the instructible it helped with my ferret.
KDiggins5 years ago
Well this is great . I have cats and a soft cat carrier costs 80.00 and upwards. I have been wanting to make my own so this is good inspiration,thanks
JolieK5 years ago
 lucky ratties!
My bird Rocky would be FLIPPING out.
crapflinger5 years ago
nothing like a rat tote on a friday evening bike ride eh?

just don't forget you're wearing it if you pop in to your local cafe for a snack on your way to the park, might create a stir
komecake (author)  crapflinger5 years ago
  LOL. Um... yeah. I'm not sure how well that would go. I was actually thinking of creating one that had a detachable cover over the opening, but I'd rather they not suffocate to death. 

 The main point of this is to create a pet a carrier from home.

 For me, it was to create one for rats as they only make big ugly plastic ones for them. Having it as a backpack is just a bonus. ;)