DIY Red Bottom Shoes





Introduction: DIY Red Bottom Shoes

I'm sharing a video on how I added the red soles to my shoemint snakeskin pumps using a bottle of Wet n Wild Nail Polish in "I Red a good book"



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    I purchased mine for my wedding at, very inexpensive, and great service, hope this helps :)

    I purchased mine for my wedding at, very inexpensive, and great service, hope this helps :)

    Hi there!!! Thank you so much for this great video!!!
    One quick question. I got the exact same nail polish you mentioned in here (brand new)and tried this on some not so old pumps. However, the surface got a bit bumpy and not as shiny and smooth as yours. Any suggestions? Any idea why this could happen? Thank you again :)

    Hello, Thank you so much for watching!
    As for your question, did you paint the bottom of your shoes more than 1 layer? It could be that when you overlap the polish layers with your brush, you create some slightly thicker areas. I'm not sure if this makes sense to you :-/ Also, it could be that the material that the bottom of your shoes are made out of is different than mine. The shoes I have in this video already have a very smooth soles to begin with. Maybe you can try sanding the surface slightly with some fine sanding paper? I hope this help and that your project will come out great! Thanks again!

    We were watching a movie when I made a comment to my wife about the woman's shoes and the bright red bottoms. She informed me those were Jimmy Choo shoes and they were very expensive. It seems you are demonstrating a relatively inexpensive way to appear to own Jimmy Choo shoes.

    Yes, the signature red sole actually belongs to Christian Louboutin ( and yes, they cost a fortune. This is my way of getting the look :)

    Good for you. I enjoy riding a bicycle on country roads. That culture can be very snobbish: right bicycle, right clothing, right accessories, etc. I always enjoyed finding a cheap way to do what I need, even if it does not have the right brand names.