Introduction: DIY Remote Organizer

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Have a too many remotes that easily get lost? Here's your perfect, convenient, and stylish solution that costs nothing to make.

1. Small cardboard box
2. Fabric
3. Scissors
4. Tape
5. Stapler

Step 1: Start With Any Small Cardboard Box.

Picture of Start With Any Small Cardboard Box.

I used an Amazon cardboard book shipping box.

Step 2: Size and Shape the Box.

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Cut 2 rectangles of cardboard from the elongated cover and tape them inside to reinforce and make it more of a box.

Step 3: Cover With Fabric.

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Wrap and staple your colored fabric of choice (I cut out a piece from an old black tshirt) around box and staple to secure on the inside.

Step 4: All Done!

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I added a strap to hinder movement (I used the collar from that old shirt). I added a draw string from an old pair of sweats for an added touch.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-09-08

Nice idea! Decorating it to look like an old book would be fun too :)

MaxPower2016 (author)2016-08-24

Just joined and this is my first Instructable!

Thanks for looking!

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