DIY Reuseable Rapid Wine Chiller





Introduction: DIY Reuseable Rapid Wine Chiller

Chill a bottle of wine in under two minutes with things you have around your house.

Step 1: Make the Form

The form could be made from anything large enough and sturdy enough to stand up to reuse. I used a 2 liter Dew bottle.

1. Cut the bottle in half to give yourself working room (this first cut can be rough)
2. Trim the edges of the soda bottle bottom so that you have a 4 inch tall container.
3. Buff the edges with a nail file.
4. Fill the container with water.
5. Select a glass or a beaker that is the same size as your wine bottle (if your freezer is big enough you can use a wine bottle).
6. Fill the glass, or beaker, with something for weight (you could use water, or dried beans; dried beans are better because once the mold is frozen you can dump the beans out, and fill the beaker with hot water so it will release easier).

Step 2: Remove the Form

1. Remove the form (you may need to fill the beaker with hot water).
2. Lightly coat the interior of the mold with salt*.
3. Insert your to-be-chilled wine bottle.
4. Add just enough water* to fill the space between the ice and the bottle.
5. Spin bottle for two to three minutes.

  • The addition of salt and water enhances the cooling ability of the ice. Seriously, within three minutes you'll have nicely chilled wine.

P.S. You should never chill Scotch--never!



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    wouldn't putting a beaker surrounded by water in the freezer break it (because of water expansion)?

    1 reply

    No, the water will slowly expand as it freezes, pushing the ice upwards, not in.

    This is a really good idea. I've never thought about using simple household objects as a wine chiller.

    I assume that between step 1 and step 2 you put the form in the freezer?

    1 reply

    ooh... instructapwn3d!!

    You seem to be going to an awful lot of trouble. Immerse the bottle in ice water ( a small bucket or in your kitchen sink) for 5 mins. Don't skimp on the ice.

    So why are you showing us Glenlivet? And why not put your wine in the freezer? If you can extract the ice to use as a glass this would be a separate instructable(?)

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    Nice idea for cheap, reusable chiller! putting the wine in the freezer works, but can take a half hour or more, as Climber_geek said. the salt water lowers the freezing tempature of the water, and the surface of the ice, creating a VERY cold ice bath for the bottle to rest in. Part2, step 5 is the real secret to why this is faster then the freezer. The spinning moves the water outside and the wine inside, to constantly present new surface area contact to the liquids.. instead of waiting for the cold to work it's way into the center of the wine. This works great, and faster too, for cans of soda. 30 seconds of spinning a soda, and it goes from room temp to ice cold! a year or two ago, I bought a commercial "can chiller" for my father, cause he really likes ice cold coke, but doesn't want to "tempt" himself by keeping them in the back of the fridge. the gadget is basically a plastic tray, and a motor with a suction cup on the drive shaft. you stick the bottom of the can to the suction cup, put it in the tray, add a few ice cubes on top of the can, and turn on the motor. I'll see if i can get him to take a digital picture and e-mail it to me, for posting.

    1) If you didn't use a pyrex beaker or plastic for the mold, do not use hot water to release it; Use cold water. Hot water will break any other kind of glass. 2) Wouldn't it be quicker to put the wine bottle in the freezer for about 1/2 hour?

    3 replies

    Well, you could always have an ice mold handy in your freezer. Then, if you buy an unchilled bottle of white wine that you want to start drinking right away you'll be able to do it (instead of waiting 1/2 hour for it to chill in the freezer). Obviously, you wouldn't want to wait for water to freeze when you could just stick the bottle in the freezer.

    It would have to sit in your ice for about a half hour anyway. Ice doesn't instant-cool

    No, because you're using salt water on the ice mold. Salt water is a far better, and therefore faster at convection than the air in your freezer. It could be 5min with ice-cold salt water as the convection agent vs. 1/2 hour using the ice-cold air in the freezer. For the same reason, they use liquid in your cars radiator. By the way.. this is a simple but smart idea.

    Nice instructable, don't worry about ol mate LasVegas, he always comes across a little harsh. The only thing I would suggest, would be to dress it up a little so it would be more presentable on the dinner table.