This Instructable is designed to help make your own ringtones for your phones. I have seen other instructables talking about making your own ringtones; however, this instructable will only use one piece of downloaded software, iTunes. The other piece of software, Windows Movie Maker is damn near on every Windows machine out there.

Step 1: Gathering the Song You Want to Be Your Ringtone.

First, you must locate the song that you want to be your ringtone.
1) Open up both Windows Movie Maker and iTunes.
2) Go to iTunes and locate the song you want. ( In my case, I picked Throw This Money by U.S.D.A)
3) Drag This File To Your Desktop.

!!!IMPORTANT!!!!! Make Sure The File is in .mp3 format. You can do this by going into iTunes, right clicking the song you want, then saying convert this selection to Mp3. Locate that file by checking what was the newest song added to your library. Then follow step 3.
 you can use myxer instead to have a higher quality... sorry that this is a bit outdated now. :/
i sent the file to my phone but it won't let me use it as a ringtone. Just a sound.
send the sound to yourself then you can save it as a ringtone
OMG i would rather use phonezoo.com you upload the file and it will pix it to your phone all you have to do is save it
How do you actually blue tooth it?
Oh, so that's a MP3 ringtone. Why haven't you said that? I was expecting a MID ringtone. In case you wonder why I don't want to use MP3 ringtones, I can give you some reasons: 1) When my phone uses MP3 ringtones, I can't use voice to answer or refuse the call (well, I actually use neither MP3 ringtones nor voice functions ;) ). 2) Some cheaper phones (even nowadays) don't have support for MP3. 3) MID ringtones are way smaller, and they are unexpensive to download to your phone using WAP or GPRS. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying your instructables is useless. I'm just saying the intro could have better description. I think you should add something like this: "I will teach you how to use iTunes and Windows Movie Maker to make simple MP3 ringtone"
I think I like this but I can't read anything in the pictures. It would have helped somewhat if you had done an Alt-PrtScr to take a screen shot of only your program window and not the entire screen.
click the i button the then the numbers under the image to view the whole image
Oh, that's cool! I didn't know that i was a button. And on my monitor I have to click the magnifying glass to get full resolution. I wonder why they don't just make the pictures bigger to begin with? That's a hard way just to see a picture. Thanks!
Because then it would be even worse for people with dial up, (I have dsl and this is still one of the slowest loading websites)
I get your point. For dial-up folks, adding additional size to the pictures would compromise their experience. Some day everyone will be on a faster line. I'm using Firefox with the Fasterfox add-on in a hotel with a wireless router. My wireless B computer (antique) loads this website pretty fast. Certainly nothing to call slow.
Thanx Man...I Think This is my first instructable.....
Instead of Windows Movie Maker, give this a try:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://audacity.sourceforge.net/">http://audacity.sourceforge.net/</a><br/>
Oh, I Know About Audacity, However, Im Not a Fan Of Downloading Too Much Software. I Figured This Would Help With Others Like ME. I appreciate it though.
Cool! Well done.

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