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Introduction: DIY Roasted Green Chiles

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Hatch Green Chiles from Hatch, NM are the famed green chiles that are used in nearly every meal worth eating down in the Southwest and we LOVE them. They're great on burgers, great in nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, just about anything really (even mac and cheese from rumors)!

However, they are always prepared before use - ie roasted. I've not known anyone to just cut and serve, so it's not quite like a jalapeno or green bell pepper.

Since we just got a bunch of them on our roadtrip through NM, I decided to make an Instructable showing how to roast these super tasty green chiles!

Step 1: Stick Them on the Grill!

I used a grill pan on a normal stovetop. You can of course use a grill as well. I usually cover them when grilling, but I don't think you necessarily have to. Turn them occasionally without burning yourself!

Step 2: Keep Turning...

You want to turn them every few minutes as their skin gets roasting. It may burn, and it may pop or blister, that is a-okay! You want all sides to have a nice medium char to them. (They do not have to be burnt)

Step 3: Stick Them Into a Ziplock!

Once they're nicely roasted on the grill/grill pan, you'll want to stick them in a ziplock bag. I've done it one at a time, and it can be done 15 at a time - not very picky. Essentially, the steam from the peppers will finish cooking them and help to loosen the skin of the chiles.

Step 4: Skin the Chiles

After about 10 minutes, you won't be able to refuse the smell, so you'll want to take them out one at a time and peel the skins off of the chiles. Sometimes if it's not roasted enough, the meat of the chile will come with the skin. You can easily just "scrape" the chile off of the skin.

Careful not to burn yourself!

Step 5: Cut and Use!

Once you've finished skinning the chiles, they can be cut up and used in whatever dish you want them in! I used to think that the seeds were what made the chiles spicy. It is in fact the veins inside the chile that determine how spicy the chile is. So if you want them less spicy, cut them open, and get rid of the veins. Note that this misconception is likely because the seeds are on the veins!




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    Excellent instructable! Inspiring. I tried to explain to the WholeFoods manager that green chile needed to be roasted and skinned. He said that was too much trouble, and proceeded sell ziplocs full of chopped HGCs to the unsuspecting Central Oregon gourmands.

    If you have lots of chili to skin, wear rubber gloves to avoid the chemical burns. As a silly teenager, out to impress my new boyfriend's family, I roasted and skinned chili with the mothers and grandmothers. My hands were blistered and I was sick for days.

    Don't cut them all up! Anaheims are the only chili to use for Rellenos. Stuff roasted pod with jack cheese, pat dry, dip in egg batter (separate eggs, whip whites, add a couple tablespoons flour to stiffen the yolks, fold the whites and yolks together), then fry in corn oil in a cast iron skillet until golden. Do not put gummy sauce on top-- just eat them like a corn dog.

    Blake's Lotta Burger. Wow. But really the best, all time, green chili cheeseburgers were from the Owl Bar in San Antonio. Homesick now <sniff>

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    Thanks Quirkly! That makes me sad that he didn't roast and skin the HGCs :( *shakes fist at injustice* We had a hackerspace member stuff a hotdog into one of the chiles and eat it like that. It started a trend that night :) But your recipe sounds DELISH.

    I used to live in Albuquerque and the roasted green chile aroma coming from the parking lots of pretty much every single grocery store in town was intoxicating. I miss the green chile cheeseburgers, taquitos and onion rings from Mac's Steak in the Rough and Blake's Lotta Burger.

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    Ooo, we found Weck's has AMAZING burgers. El Patron and Cervantes too - must eats on our roadtrips down!

    On your next trip through the southwest make sure you try a carne adovada stuffed sopapilla with red chile and topped with a sunny side up fried egg. It's my favorite dish to eat when I'm in town. :D

    Whisker had a stuffed sopapilla - those things are delicious. Cervantes has the best sopapillas we've come across. I discovered huevos rancheros *tastyyy*

    As a New Mexican I approve of this instructable. Good job. Make sure you remove the seeds and veins if you want it less hot. p.s. green chile is good in mac and cheese.

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    We love our New Mexicans! You guys have AMAZING food! And we're definitely more about the green than the red ;)