DIY Room Decor : How to Make a Peacock From Plastic Spoon





Introduction: DIY Room Decor : How to Make a Peacock From Plastic Spoon

There is an altogether different feel and charm of making best out of waste crafts. Your creativity takes an altogether different level when it comes to making recycled crafts and this idea for your DIY Room Decor Project is the best one. Learn how to make a beautiful Peacock from plastic spoons left after your latest party.

This amazing looking peacock does not appear like it is a recycled craft by the look and appeal it carries. But once you learn to make the peacock using plastic spoons you will be awestruck yourself!

Step 1: Gather Your Craft Supplies!

Making this beautiful peacock is very easy and calls for things and materials that you can easily find at home:

Fabric Colors

Plastic Spoons

Decorative Stones

Glitter paper

Colored paper


Cotton Bud




Craft glue

Paint Brushes

Glue Gun

Step 2: Make the Base.

Begin by making the feathers of the peacock. Grab a handful of plastic spoons and paint them using fabric colors in strokes and designs, forming the design of the peacock’s feathers.

Let the paint of the spoons dry completely.

Cut out the body, neck, face and beak of the peacock from a cardboard.

Then take a circular cardboard and cover it with a colored paper.

Paste the decorative glitter sheet on one side.

Arrange and paste the plastic spoons on this glitter circular base.

Your Craft base is ready!

Step 3: Build Up Your Craft

Take the cotton buds and paint them in blue color for the peacock's body.

Paste them on the peacock's body with a glue gun and retouch them with color is required.

Cut and paste the bowl section of a spoon to make the peacock's face and add the detailing of eyes to it.

Step 4: Your Beautiful Recycled Peacock Is Ready!

Paste the peacock's body on the base of the craft with the help of a glue gun.

Paint and add glitter to a few cotton buds and place them as the peacock's crest.

And there you have it friends! Add this beautiful best out of waste peacock made from plastic spoons to your home decorations and brace yourself to gather complements from the visitors at your home.

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Mam is fabric colour is suitable for plastic spoons as i used poster colours it doesnt work

Wow!I love your ideas.Would it work with light blue spoons and markers instead of paint? Great ible!

I wish I could! I bet you have a lot of great stuff! But I'm only 13 and my dad doesn't let me or any of my little siblings on Youtube, because of the bad material that people, (Not you!) put on there. I'm really sorry! Thanks for replying to my comment! Many people don't!

This is really really cool! The instructable is great, your writing is good, and the pictures show me just what I want to see. I think that it would be really fun to do this, how big is the finished project?