Introduction: "DIY" Room Temperature & Humidity Module Using Arduino Uno

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This instructable explains the operation of the Temperature & Humidity module. The module is designed and built by myself. Its has a digital Temperature and Humidity sensor (DHT11) embedded in it. This sensor helps the module to acquire the temperature as well as the Humidity of a room. The results acquired is then displayed on the LCD screen. Threshold are set and when ever the threshold are exceed there is an alarm activated to prompt people nearby.

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Step 1: Setting Up the Device

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Putting up all the necessary device like the Arduino Uno, the LCD display,the DH11 digital temperature and humidity sensor, as well as the buzzer and the RGB led.

Step 2: Packaging

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Putting the whole module into its' package for use.

Step 3: Final Presentation

Picture of Final Presentation

Finally the packing is ready for use

Step 4: Video of the Project

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Step 5: The Arduino Code to Run the Module

Attached is the arduino code used to run the module. Also you need to attach the DH11 library code which could be downloaded from github. Try this link if not you could search for the stable library.


SriK9 (author)2016-02-15

Bro can you please give me the proteus simulation for this project.

SriK9 (author)2016-02-15

Bro can you please give me the proteus simulation for this project.

Kattens4848 (author)2016-01-26

Keep the good work up bro

emmanuel.ani (author)Kattens48482016-01-26

Thankx Bro.

russ_hensel (author)2016-01-23

So others can do the project you might want to post the code. And perhaps put the code in a box:

emmanuel.ani (author)russ_hensel2016-01-23

Yh russ i will do dat as soon as possible.. Thankx for the information.

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