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Introduction: DIY Rope Coasters

I was drinking coffee and trying to concentrate on my studies, but sadly I didn't have a small coaster to place the coffee mug. Now, I can't just place the mug on my reading table or books, so I had to make a coaster right away.... finally I had an excuse to make something! :p

I had 2 bundles of nylon rope in the store room and a super easy idea to make a coaster.

Most people use hot glue for making rope coasters but I didn't., I used needle and thread to stitch the whole coaster. Anyways, lets not waste time and make one right now!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make rope coasters you'll need:

  1. Nylon rope- it's better to use dark colored ropes,
  2. Lighter- to burn the edges of the rope,
  3. Needle and thread- usual sewing needle and thread,
  4. Scissor.

Step 2: The Center

Take the rope and hold it from any one end,
Use a lighter to burn the edge,

Prepare the needle and thread (use 2 strands of thread) and attach it with the rope on the burnt end by tying a knot,
Make a small spiral (or swirl) on that end and stitch the spiral using needle and thread (so that the spiral wouldn't come off)- see 3rd picture of this step,
Now circle the rope around that spiral and again stitch the second round of rope all the way through as shown in the picture,
I circled the rope 3 times for the center stitching.

Step 3: The Base

The center is now secure, so lets do the rest.

You'll have to circle the rope and stitch it at the mean time,
Stitch every outer circle of the rope with the previous circle of the rope (see picture), this way every single spiral will be attached to each other and the coaster will be secure. See the pictures of this step.

Try to keep the stitches hidden. If you follow the technique I used the stitches won't be visible. Simply stitch the rope from vertical center each time- see the 3rd picture if this step.

Step 4: The Border

Once the spiral rope reaches the required size- you can stop circling the rope,
Do 2-3 stitches on that end.

The coaster seemed boring and too ordinary so I added a wavy border, which was very easy :)

Slightly fold the rope, hold it tightly with the spiral rope and stitch the folded edge with the spiral rope- see 2nd picture of this step.
keep doing the same until you reach the last fold or wave.

Step 5: Final Touch

When you'll reach the last fold/ wave measure the length of rope you'll need - to make the last wave,
Cut the rope by keeping half an inch extra, burn the end using a lighter,
Press the burnt end with the spiral rope and stitch. Tie a knot when you're done.

Done! I would prefer using dark colored ropes for making this coaster. It was fun and easy, hope you like it :)




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    this looks easy, thanks for the tutorial

    Very neat idea and concept Muhaiminah! You did an awesome job documenting as usual and I think that this is the first rope coaster on Instuctables - quite an achievement! Well done and good luck on your studies. :-)

    Thank you so much hunt! first rope coaster on Instuctables!? I didn't know that, well it is an achievement then :D

    Thanks again, It's quite difficult to concentrate on studies after a long time but I've managed it now (I guess!) :)

    Don't mention it! :-) and yes this is the first!! I too sometimes find tit difficult to concentrate, but I usually manage :-) Be sure to take breaks - it helps a lot! :D

    Good luck again, all the best.

    :) I'll be taking breaks for sure!

    Thanks! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this. You always amaze me.


    Thank you sunshiine! I'm so glad to know that! (blush!)

    OMG!!! You won't believe it (I can't, even after seeing this), I made one with paracord JUST LIKE these ones the other day! The only difference is that I made mine yellow in the center and continued with red all around...but because of this I didn't like the way it turned out so I disassembled it the next day and used the cord for something else. And yes, I used hot glue as usual.

    But yours are soooooo beautfiul and very elegant too! I love the black/white combination. I must learn how to sew rope the way you did because I'm wasting so much glue :D