DIY Row Counter


Introduction: DIY Row Counter

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Step 1: What You Need

A long piece of string- about 2 1/4 feet
20 big hole beads

Step 2: String Tying

Fold yarn in half and make a loop on the top by knottting. Knot should be a little bigger than your knitting needle

Step 3: Adding Beads

Take a bead and with one end of the yarn put it through the bead, then use the other end of the yarn and put it in through the side of the bead where the other yarn came out and pull

Continue this method until you have used all your beads


Step 4: Tie Off

Make sure the strings are tight in between the beads Tie a knot joining the string together and leave a little space (just a LITTLE)

Step 5: How to Use

Use by moving a bead down every time you complete a row making a space in between the beads. How many beads are on the side your are moving them is how many rows you have done



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    i love this idea but I cannot quite "get" how you move the beads and how are you not confused by the beads left on the other side, for instance I would read here that all the beads are done? but like if you are nearly half way how do you remember if you did 12 and have 8 to go or did you do 8 and have 12 to go, assuming you had 20 beads? I am not good a spacial differences so can you explain a bit? I would love to make one. I also use paper and sometimes a needle counter but I often forget to clock them when I finish a row. Thanx for a brilliant suggestion.

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    The lower beads, the ones on the bottom, are the rows you have already done. Just remember that and you'll be able to know where you're at. The beads slide down easily because of that little space left. You hold the bead on either side and slide it down. It's easier to do than to explain. Once you have made one of these you will understand how to slide it down. When you are finished with all of the rows you have done with The counter then you slide the mall back to the top and start again.

    thanx I went to you tube and saw it in action ... very nice idea thanx for posting it


    1 year ago

    Brilliant! I'm thinking it could be used in many 'easy to forget where you are' counting situations... physical therapy exercises for example, or how many cups of water have I had today. I like that you can move a bead and come back to it later... and it's so discrete. Nobody else has to know that it's anything more than some pretty beads hanging somewhere.

    Glad you like it. I used a paper and pen before this two! I soon decided enough was enough:) Thel me I you have any ideas for my next ible

    Embarrassing confession: I have used a pen and paper and drew tick marks to do this! Four lines then one across! My memory Sucks! These beads are so much nicer! You must be from Awesomeville! xo