Picture of DIY Rubber Band Gun
I am NOT responsible for any injury or damage AT ALL!!!
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
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1. cardboard 2. Tape(electrical tape and duct tape work best) 3. A clothes pin 4. A hanger 5. Rubber band(s) 6. Scissors 7. Pencil

Step 2: Design

Take your cardboard and pencil and draw the design you want. Then cut the design out of the cardboard (Repeat until you have about 3 layers to ensure the gun is stable.)

Step 3: Assembly

Take the cut out cardboard and tape the pieces together.(but if it bends you can break up the hanger and tape it on the inside or outside but to me it looks better when it's on the inside.)after you finish with the cardboard ,take the clothes pin and tape it on the top or one of the sides of the cardboard(depending on if you are left or right handed.)

Step 4: Loading

Picture of Loading
To load your rubber band gun just take and put it on the end of the gun then pull it back to the clothes pin.(make sure it's taunt or else it won't shoot.)

Step 5: Have Fun

Picture of Have Fun
After you load it push the clothes pin to fire and have fun.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Picture of The Finished Product
When finished it should look something like the picture and now you have a cardboard rubber band gun. Hope you enjoyed.