Introduction: DIY Rudolph Christmas Hat

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Hi guys! This is Floppyman2 and this is a very short, simple but funny tutorial on how to make a Do-It-Yourself reindeer cap.

Step 1: Salvage an Unused Cap

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For this, simply just buy a very cheap cap or just look around the house for one. There’s sure to be one somewhere...

Step 2: Pipecleaners!

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Using one red pipecleaner, fold it continuously around to form a red nose. Hot glue this at the front of the cap/hat. Using two brown pipecleaners, hot glue one on each side of the cap, pointing upwards.

Step 3: I Can See!

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Add some paper cutout eyes. Then hot glue the eyes onto the front of the cap/hat. Enjoy!


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Bio: Hey guys! This is Floppyman2! Feel free to check out my how-to projects and increase the festive fun with my Rudolph cap: https://www.instructables ... More »
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