DIY Ruffle Tank Top


Introduction: DIY Ruffle Tank Top

So I had this tank top that I would wear underneath cardigans and tops. It wasn't special at all and that was ok. However, I wanted to have a simple yet relatively exciting tanktop that i could wear both casually and dressy. I thought cotton and frills would work perfectly!

1. I took an old shirt my husband didn't wear and cut 2 strips off of it.
2. I hand sewed a running stitch and tightened it to get a nice ruffle.
3. I simply used a back-stitch to attach to the shirt.

It is now one of my favorite tank tops because it goes with everything and makes it look like I made more of an effort than I did!  For my other tutorials check my site at



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    LOVE this!!! You absolutely need to do more of these!!

    1 reply

    hahah - thanks, i think writing up the instructable often takes more effort than the project itself!

    awesome - i love all of the instructables you've done! let me know how the shirt turns out...