This Instructable will guide you in making this adorable ruffled purse. I had all my nieces over the other day - one 8 year old and 3 other girls all age 5 (triplets). And it's a handful with them all visiting at once - but we managed to make a couple purses. This adorable ruffled purse was the first one we made! This is also an excellent project to do while teaching a kid how to sew. I used it to teach my nieces some basic sewing machine skills - and I only did parts of it as they sewed the rest! We had a great time. But, with so many kids over and wanting to make their own things, we had to make this cute purse pretty fast! It took about an hour for this one. If you have more time and know how to sew, you can always use this basic template and build onto it - add pockets, a square bottom, or whatever else you want to add!

If you have any questions, please ask!

Step 1: Required Materials & Cutting the Fabric

  • 1/2 yard of fabric for main material
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for lining (lining is optional but recommended)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors and/or cutting board and rotary cutter
  • measuring tape
  • iron
  • pins
  • Narrow Hem Presser Foot for sewing machine (optional)
Cutting Out the Material:
  • Main Piece
    • Cut out one piece that is 11 x 11 inches (on the fold) = if unfolded it would be 11 inches wide by 22 inches
    • Cut out one piece of lining material which is the same 11 x 11 on the fold
  • Strips for Ruffles
    • I cut my 3 pieces of material for ruffles at 3 inches by 21 1/2 inches long on the fold or 3 x 43 inches long
    • The length truly needed will vary based on how the material is gathered in the following steps as machines are different and will gather at different rates
    • We will measure and trim off excess material later
  • Strap for Purse
    • Cut out a piece of material that is 2 1/2 inches high by 21 1/2 inches long on the fold again (or 2 1/2 x 43 unfolded)

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Oooh this is super cute
I thought it was a dress.....
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This is so pretty! I thought it was a little dress when I first saw the picture! It's such a nice idea! :)
Thanks Linda! My niece sort of chose this style and I love it too - it would be a cute skirt and my brother thought it was when he picked up his kids! :)
Nice job, Holly!
Thank you Mario!
Awesome Holly :) <br>Your biggest fan of your sewing work :)
Thanks Tarun!!! :) Means a lot!
So cute ... Would look great for a kids skirt too!
Thanks Shazni - I think you're right!
So cute!
Thanks Emily
You keep getting better and better!
Aww thank you

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