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Introduction: DIY Twig Windchime

I've been collecting dry tree branches, twigs for a long time, I knew I could make a lot of things from dry twigs and sticks. Dry tree branches, sticks or twigs can be great craft materials, especially for rustic crafts. I've posted 3 twig craft tutorials so far, Candle Holder, Tree Branch lampshade and Twig Lampshade.

Anyways, I bought chime tubes last week and was going to make a bamboo windchime but this idea of using twig for windchime suddenly hit me and I had to give it a try. Windchime can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations, the sound is really soothing and helps to calm your mind. This windchime looks natural and rustic :) Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this rustic wind-chime you'll need:

  1. Twigs,
  2. x-acto knife,
  3. Glue (hot glue or white glue),
  4. Golden paint and paint brush,
  5. Chime tubes - 4,
  6. Glass beads -15,
  7. String or thread.

Step 2: The Frame

I made a twig frame as the plate - from which the chimes are hanged.

Place 2 twigs in parallel on a flat surface,

Glue 2 more twigs on both sides of the previous twigs to complete the frame.

Now, the plate needs a center for the clapper (clapper touches the chime tubes and causes sound), so I glued 2 more twigs to form a cross inside the twig frame (see the picture of this step).

Allow the glue to dry and the plate will be ready.

Step 3: Preparing the Chimes and Clapper

Prepare the strings to attach the chime tubes and clapper.

Make sure to keep a balance, which means that the number of chime tubes should be equal on every side.

The chime tubes should have holes on any one side, simply get the string through the hole and tie a knot so that the tube is safely tied to the string.

For the clapper I used a longer string. Inserted 2 beads on one side and tied a knot at that end so that the beads don't come out. Made another knot above the 2 beads, inserted a bead and a flat metal ring. I measured the length of the string and made sure that the metal ring touches the chime tubes. This is really important, make sure to measure the string or thread of the chime tubes and the clapper, the clapper should touch the chime tubes.

Step 4: Preparing the Decors

Now for the decorations. This step is optional but adding some glass beads and golden twigs around the frame makes it look really rustic and nice.

Cut 8 small twigs (mine were 3 inches long) and color them with golden paint,

Drill a hole on any one sides of the twig and insert a string through the hole. I also added a glass bead with the twig.

Thread 4 glass beads in 4 separate strings

Step 5: Attaching the Hanger

You can attach the hanger before adding the chime tubes and other decors or after, as you wish.

Take 4 long strings, fold each string into half for better strength.

Take the strings through the corners of the frame (one string for one corner), tie a knot so that it doesn't come out,

After attaching all 4 strings in 4 corners hold them together in the center (see picture),

Tie 2-3 knots with an inch gap between them, you can use these gaps as hanging mechanism.

Step 6: Attaching the Chimes and Decors

Notice the colored circles on the twig frame (the first picture of this step), these circles indicate the positions of the chime tubes, clapper and decors,

Red circle- the clapper,

Yellow circle- chime tubes,

Blue circles- twig & glass beaded strings,

Green circles- Glass beaded strings.

Simply wrap the string once or twice around the twig (on its required place) and tie a knot or two, making sure it doesn't come off.

As you can see that the clapper should be placed in the center and the chime tubes should be near the clapper, making sure that the clapper touches the tubes.

For each frame, I attached twig & glass beaded string on two sides and the single glass beaded string on the middle of it. You can come up with your own pattern or design for decorating the wind chime, but make sure to keep a balance on all 4 frames.

Hang the windchime in a place where the wind can blow easily. You can hang it near a window like I did or place it in your garden, front door or balcony.




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    Oooh how did I miss this?! I love all of these rustic projects!! And the golden touch makes it even more special, as usual :)

    Thanks Linda! Rustic and gold...can't get enough!

    Awesome way to create the hanger...I have a ton of bamboo that is just waiting to become a windchime! :)

    Thanks Natalie! Bamboo is great for crafting windchime, you should totally make one :)

    What a rustic looking chime :). Looks like a tool for witch craft ...LOL

    Wow, I thought the same while making the chime, btw, I love witchery ;) Thanks!

    Salem.. is a new TV series.. all about Witches ;)

    this is so beautiful and enchanting, makes me think of garden fairies ! maybe tarun calls them witches? ;-)